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Large Blue Earthen Water Jar hand made from Thailand.

Height: 150cm Wide: 120cm

£500 +VAT

Thai Large Earthen Water
| Ref #: 375e8e3209d3
Due to new business interests and the sale of our company, we are selling our stock.
20 x 70cm Martini glasses - purchased 23/04/14 - purchased specifically for one event and only been used twice since. Still in boxes - £10 + VAT each
We also have for sale 18 x circular mirrored bases - used once. Condition - AS NEW - £18 + VAT each

£10 +VAT

Martini Glasses and Mirrored Bases
| Ref #: 2fb16688867b

Mirror Console Table - Birmingham

Price: £285 VAT Free
Mirror Console Table
Bespoke mirror console table, with modern design.
Strong design, with high quality finishing.
Can be used as a top table with glass on top.

£285 VAT Free

Mirror Console Table
| Ref #: 72e64a7a34b8
  • White Mac, Trilby Hat and Pistol.
  • Approximate dimensions: - 75cms x 188cms
  • In very good condition

He will make a great addition to any themed party!

£325 +VAT

6ft Classic Hollywood Detective
| Ref #: 88943be4566a
Here we have two parts of the same aeroplane although now painted as though they are different aircraft. Works on standard inflatable blowers (not included)
Would look great on the top of your factory or back on stage where it belongs.
Will split. price is per pc
Tail 30' (10m) long
Cockpit and wings 30' (10m) wide NB Backdrop not included

£600 +VAT ono

Large Inflatable Aeroplane Ex Stage Prop
| Ref #: b44a550cef4c

Sold Children's Gypsy Waggon - London NW2

Price: £850 +VAT
Children's Gypsy Waggon
Beautiful make on genuine solid metal rolling chassis. Very detailed!!!
Size: height: 2.4 meters, width: 1.4 meters, depth: 2.4 meters.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£850 +VAT

Children's Gypsy Waggon
| Ref #: d2b4146e698b
Cushions Mixed-

A. Cushions Antique fabric Small & Large
Cost each £14 Delivery £8

B. x2 Standard Cushion fern pattern (Image 1)
Fern patterned cushions (image 2)
Cost each £10 Delivery £8

C. Tonal Yellow orange spot cushions x2
Cost each £9 Delivery £8

D. 2 tone cushions faux mix
Cost each £9 Delivery £8

£9 +VAT

Standard Cushion fern pattern
| Ref #: 5d0557f3f367
Gold Napkin rings
Gold napkin rings for sale

Used one - as new condition

Click to see full listing and contact details
| Ref #: 0e7a829dc02a

LED Flame Light - Manchester

Price: £35 ono including VAT
LED Flame Light
BOB LED is the market’s leading simulated flame effect light, but generates no heat. This LED powered, duty-cycle free fixture perfectly simulates a flickering cauldron. BOB LED can either stand on included legs or hang from an included chain.
Ideal for Halloween and Christmas events and parties

£35 ono including VAT

LED Flame Light
| Ref #: 8fe9822823ab
This is a brand new and still in its packing Halfmoon stage. You can see in the pics the pattern and the quality. In built lights. We ordered few stages few months ago from India. You can make this money out from just two hires. We have another consignment coming soon and require space. We are selling this brand new Halfmoon stage and a used ivory and gold sofa. Viewing is welcomed.

The pictures of the decorated Halfmoon is similar to the one I'm selling. I have used those pics to show the design. The one which is being sold is never used. Good investment!!

£2700 +VAT

Indian Wedding Stage
| Ref #: 85d08ab2a263
Great theming prop, cheap easy to transport and takes up good space in the room.
We have many different ones from Bond, Vegas, Gatsby, Alice, Charlie, Winter etc.
Price is for panels only the frames are £100 each but can hold different panels.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£65 +VAT ono

Various Silhouette Panels
| Ref #: e3be362e96cf

Sold Giant Teapot - Yorkshire

Price: £1000 +VAT
Alice in Wonderland tea pot
A giant fiberglass teapot with internal metal construction.
Was originally a bespoke build for a Heston project.
It takes up too much of our storage space, so we are looking to sell it.
The teapot currently has different decoration on it.
Could be used for Alice in wonderland or tea party.

Click to see full listing and contact details

£1000 +VAT

Alice in Wonderland tea pot
| Ref #: 03837fe6b93c

Sold Circles Backdrop - Leicestershire

Price: £75 +VAT
Circles Backdrop
Specially made giant glittered and floral circles that can hang on backdrops
Ideal for wedding or Christmas theming or Alice in Wonderland themed props
Some are folding discs
Sizes 4ft and approx 6ft
All have hanging fixings
As new condition - Selling due to lack of space
£100.00 each or £75.00 each for 3 or more – we have 6

£75 +VAT

Circles Backdrop
| Ref #: 989bced5ec0c
30 items:
12x square clear glass poseur tables
15x black square glass
3x round clear glass
£10+VAT each, Minimum of 5 items
Click here for more info and contact details......

£10 +VAT ono

Poseur Glass Tables
| Ref #: 389e485ff3ce

Sold Alice In Wonderland Back Drop - Hertfordshire

Price: £1000 ono VAT Free
Alice In Wonderland Back Drop
Used once for a party
There are 14 panels in total making up the scenery, each panel is W-156cm x H241cm
There is also a 'This way' sign and a King & Queen display for photographs
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1000 ono VAT Free

Alice In Wonderland Back Drop
| Ref #: 6f69ec7eb003
A range of props, including giant cards and dollar bills, tardis, walk of fame.

£300 £100 +VAT

Used props for sale UK
| Ref #: 5a0ed9ff0983

Croquet Set - Stafford

Price: £50 VAT Free
Croquet Set

Sold 2x Moroccan Style Trays / Tables - Worcester

Price: £125 VAT Free
Moroccan Style Coffee Tables
2 VERY Large Moroccan style trays that can be used also as table tops in silver nickel tray for indoor or outdoor use.
Never used but has been in our prop storage.
Engraved Brass Table - Nickel silver colour.
Nickel silver engraved tray is a practical and stylish, ideal for decoration at events or in the home.
Hand etched, displaying an ornate Arabesque design.
Trays; 2 at 95cm diameter.

£125 VAT Free

Moroccan Style Coffee Tables
| Ref #: 673439b4bba3

Metal Clad Bar Unit - Wiltshire

Price: £400 £324 +VAT
Metal clad mobile bar unit
Metal clad bar with metal edging and studs. Hazard signs and tape are removable
Height: 1.10m, Width: 1.84m, Depth: 0.64m
Material: aluminium cladding around a wooden frame
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£400 £324 +VAT

Metal clad mobile bar unit
| Ref #: 18b63e9193b7
White Drapes
Over 100 metres by 4 metres of high quality white pleated drapes with swags all made by High Spec. Lots of extras to go over doorways, windows etc and all drapes are boxed in crates. All in excellent condition and ready to hire out today. Comes complete with poles and base plates manufactured by Innovative systems.
Black Drapes
12 metres by 4 metres thick high quality black drapes all in excellent condition.
Includes lots of extras.

£5400 +VAT ono

Black and White Full Room Drapes
| Ref #: 95ddf0e2b9fe
For Sale - 3 x Giant 9ft inflatable ghosts / spirits / ghouls, with built in fan units and all leads, rigging etc.
These looks absolutely fantastic and are in mint condition!
These giant ghost inflatables can be hung from roof areas, against walls or at the back of stages etc to create an amazing effect. They are very lightweight, so can be hung safely and easily.
They comes with a built in heavy duty fan units, which keeps them fully inflated. Simply plug into any standard 13amp plug socket and thats it.
Made from fire retardant, rip-stop material, these meet all health & safety / fire requirements and are built to last.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£495 VAT Free

3X Giant 9Ft Inflatable Ghost / Spirit / Ghoul Hanging Decorations - Halloween Themed Event
| Ref #: 5752a49dca43A
Hollywood Letters
3D cut out freestanding letters
Made of Fire Retardent High Density Polystyrene - 55 Grade
Painted White
Ex hire stock
1000mm high x 200mm thick, width in proportion
The font is 'Hollywood Hills'
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£360 +VAT

Hollywood Letters - 3D Cutout Freestanding Letters
| Ref #: 0c88b0176cc6

23x Lily Glass Vases - Greenford

Price: £138 ono VAT Free
Lily glass vases
23x glass lily vase. 60cm tall.
Please check my other items for sale.
Used 2/3 times max, still in boxes.

£138 ono VAT Free

Lily glass vases
| Ref #: e84144bec861
The Statue of Liberty would brighten any display in your theme bar, diner, window display, crazy golf course, coffee shop or pub the list is endless.

Complete with glass lamp cover.

Approximate max dimensions: - 45cm x 43cm x 160cm

In perfect order

£125 +VAT

Statue of liberty prop
| Ref #: 8f480df52ede
Solve all your short term furnishing/dressing problems.
Chairs, Tables, Lamps, Art, Antique Furnishings, Drapes
All these items are available to rent catering to specific needs, whether it's a party or a more formal function.
Hotels, theatre, film, photo shoots and many more applications


House dresing
| Ref #: 60751fe23eed

Folding Poseur Table - Kent

Price: £10 VAT Free
Folding Poseur Table
Poseur table with black folding top, there will be some signs of wear on the table tops and the legs have some surface corrosion from getting wet
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£10 VAT Free

Folding Poseur Table
| Ref #: ea9f38730397

Classic Old Cart Working Condition - Leeds

Price: £450 ono VAT Free
Theatre carts for sale
This is a 500 year old cart used for outdoor and theatre productions.
It is sturdy enough to stand in and move about. The wheels are fully working. Front wheels are bigger than the back wheels and comes with customs made chocks for securing during a performance or transport. The steering is by an axle point which there definitely is a back to!

£450 ono VAT Free

Theatre carts for sale
| Ref #: 1c210d8fddd6
4 available – 2m long x 1.25 wide x 8inches deep
Acrylic tops are 2mx1m
Used once
Needs slight cleaning and refurb
Selling as we require space in our warehouse
Click here for more info and contact details......

£100 +VAT

Wedding Water Tanks/Stage For Sale With Acrylics Tops
| Ref #: 9b709aee5f34

£150 +VAT ono

Candle Chandelier / Candelabra
| Ref #: ff96583dd47f

Wedding Decorations Business For Sale - London

Price: £15000 ono including VAT
Indian Wedding Themed For Sale
We have closed our business and selling the lot.
Please see if there is anything you would be Interested in.
This is what I'm selling. Excellent condition.
Mandaps, Wedding Furniture, Backdrops, Wall Drapes, Table Decor, Chair Covers and Sashes
For individual items please call us to check the prices.

£15000 ono including VAT

Indian Wedding Themed For Sale
| Ref #: 8b6e8daeda1d

3x Large Burlesque Flats - Wiltshire

Price: £54 £50 +VAT
Large Burlesque Flats
A trio of complimentary burlesque hooped figures with hanging points to suspend from
Size: Approx. 1m x 1m
Material: Plastic
Click here for more info and contact details......

£54 £50 +VAT

Large Burlesque Flats
| Ref #: 8b9f9151b575

Sold Red Carpet Aisle Runners - Manchester

Price: £10 ono including VAT
red carpet runner
Red Carpet Aisle Runners
Some marked and do require cleaning

£10 ono including VAT

red carpet runner
| Ref #: fc98cbad30eb
Heavy duty chandelier structure for sale
Metal chandelier structure for sale
Square on approx. 72cmx72cm
Round one - 70x70cm
Requires flowers to be attached!

Click to see full listing and contact details

£75 +VAT

Round Chandelier structure
| Ref #: 73db7413066f

3x Large Swords - Earlswood, Solihull

Price: £300 VAT Free
Used large sword props
Ex-royal ballet 8m long very well made from risen

£300 VAT Free

Used large sword props
| Ref #: b03bc29be81f
Genuine Vulcan bomber swivel navigator seat
Removed in the 1980s from XM574
Stripped and vapour blasted back to its raw material of magnesium and duralumin
Trimmed in tan leather and new solid brass caster wheels fitted so it rolls along the floor
Ideal office or gaming chair
You will never find another one of these!
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£8000 ono VAT Free

Repurposed Genuine Vulcan bomber swivel navigator seat
| Ref #: b16056c44a02
45 identical 600 litre IBC units in very good condition. Bought for temporary walling display. Never had fluid in them since purchase from Hambleys in November 2017.
Sold as complete set.
Must be collected on 22nd or 23rd December 2017.

£700 +VAT ono

reconditioned water containers for sale
| Ref #: e76aa29b1ee0
Round Table Mirror Top Custom Made
An absolutely stunning option for a truly unique dining experience. Mirrored tables make for a very impressive and stylish dining area within any venue. Please see 'Dimensions' tab for available table sizes.

£40 ono VAT Free

Dining tables for sale
| Ref #: 5143480326c4
Bulk buy 4 brass candelabras, perfect for parties and weddings.
Can be easily decorated with flowers, ivy or feathers.
Measurements: 95cm in height. 24cm wide at the base 47cm wide can take candles which are 22mm in diameter.
Space for 5 candles.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£29 +VAT ono

Brass Plated Candelabra
| Ref #: 5b29fa576d25

2x Barrels - Norfolk

Price: £85 ono VAT Free
Oak barrels for sale
Nice oak barrels 36 inches high

£85 ono VAT Free

Oak barrels for sale
| Ref #: a795c552b58a
A 4m Diameter LED light up bar for sale. The bar comes in 8 x 1.5m curved sections which when added together make up a circular bar. Potentially you could turn this into 7 separate bars if your clients only wish to hire 1 x 1.5m bar sections. Each panel can be controlled separately or linked together on a master to slave mode. The bar comes with remote controllers for ease of changing the colour of the bar.
The bar comes with 2 shelves per section which are removeable for storage or for adding fridges. 3 flight cases are included in the sale.
The bar is in good working order and is only for sale due to having too much stock – We need the space.

£6000 +VAT

Stunning Circular 4m LED Bar
| Ref #: 34bda470c0db

LED 'BAR' Letters - Lancashire

Price: £0 +VAT ono
LED BAR Letters in Flight Case
We have 3 LED letters spelling 'B A R' which can be controlled with any dmx controller, comes complete with power supply, connecting leads and custom built flight case, these letters are 700mm high, approx 740mm x 200mm deep, they can be free standing or have captive nuts on the top and rear for mounting on trussing with clamps etc. cost new over £1600.00 + vat and only used twice - open to sensible offers
Click here for more info and contact details......


LED BAR Letters in Flight Case
| Ref #: 35adfaea143d

Sold 6x Green Camo Nets - Cambridgeshire

Price: £300 +VAT
Green Camo Nets
6 x quantity Green Camo Nets 9m x 9m
3 x completely brand new
3 x used once
RRP £698.40 purchased September 2016 - £300 plus Vat for all 6
Perfect for marquee theming
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£300 +VAT

Green Camo Nets
| Ref #: e87a778a97ce
Heavy wooden directions sign used for a Fairy Tale themed wedding.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£100 including VAT

Fairy Tale Themed Directions Sign
| Ref #: 8927b33b9699

Sold Giant Red Apple! - Exhibition Use - Crewe

Price: £500 +VAT ono
Giant Model Apple
Giant model red apple, 1.7m high. Created for an exhibition and carefully stored since. Ideal for exhibitions, events, apple days etc

£500 +VAT ono

Giant Model Apple
| Ref #: 2411ace2a0a4
I have for sale:
  • 100x White Damask Chair Covers round top approx. 100, White - £3.50 each
  • Ivory Damask Chair Covers approx. 120 - £3.50 each
  • Ivory Damask table cloths 120 inch round approx. 12 - £5.00 each
  • Ivory Damask Table cloths large approx. 8, size 70 x 108 - £5.00 each
  • Ivory plain Chair Cover approx. 120 round top - £3.00 each
  • Matching tablecloths approx. 20 various oblong sizes - £4.00 each
  • Black Damask Chair Covers 67 square top - £3.50 each

More info.....

£3000 ono VAT Free

White themed wedding decor
| Ref #: 4efd8748a3c6

Gas Flambeaux - Cheshire

Price: £800 +VAT
Gas Flambeaux
6 units finished in black available .
Less than 3 months old.
Fully working and easily take apart for transport.
Price £800.00 + VAT each or £1500.00 +VAT pair.
Click for more info and contact details

£800 +VAT

Gas Flambeaux
| Ref #: 6ac51dd56401

S Benches - Worcestershire

Price: £90 £81 +VAT
S Bench
S Bench White
H 480 mm
W 2000mm
D 470mm
Reasonable used condition
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£90 £81 +VAT

S Bench
| Ref #: b99468d692fa
Mixture of
  • Maritinis
  • Fish bowl
  • Flute vases
  • Conical vases
  • Cyclinder vases etc
Various sizes £80 for the lot some boxes inc

See more items form this seller

£80 +VAT

Glasses for flower displays
| Ref #: 64c1f5736635

Sold 2x Greenscreen Photo Booths - Kent

Price: £14000 including VAT
Photo-booth business for sale
Fantastic investment opportunity! 2x version 2 Greenscreen Dream Machine photo booths with 5 changeable skins, 6 red rope barriers, red carpet and a large selection of props. In addition, I also have 5 confirmed bookings worth £2000 which would be the perfect start for anyone just starting out.
The version 2 GSDM is the most advanced photo booth in the industry and really stands out from other booths currently on the market.
£7000 for the 22" £8000 for 42" or £14000 for the pair
Click to see full listing and contact details

£14000 including VAT

Photo-booth business for sale
| Ref #: 86ea77612f83