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3 x 6m diameter Luxury Yurts - made with 20oz waterproof, mouldproof, fire resistant canvas
Price includes:-
  • Wooden door
  • Wooden door frame
  • Wooden roof structure
  • Wooden wall structure
  • White roof canvas (20oz)
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£10500 +VAT

Painted 6m yurt hire
| Ref #: e572b17a682f

4 Ft or 1.2m Oriental Carved Dragons - Suffolk

Price: £750 £650 VAT Free
decorative dragon
Carved from a single piece of very heavy red wood
Beautifully decorated and gilded
Size: 4 ft. long and heavy
Ideal for a Restaurant, Pub or Hotel
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£750 £650 VAT Free

decorative dragon
| Ref #: be6fd8589ef9
Large Blue Earthen Water Jar hand made from Thailand.

Height: 150cm Wide: 120cm

£500 +VAT

Thai Large Earthen Water
| Ref #: 375e8e3209d3

Sold 2x Sawasdee Thai Lady Statues

Price: £1 +VAT
Pair 2 Sawasdee Thai Lady Statues
These pieces are hand carved from one huge solid piece of Chamchar wood

They stand 60 inches - over 5 feet - 150cm tall!

£1 +VAT

Pair 2 Sawasdee Thai Lady Statues
| Ref #: 1c3655c37de0
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items