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Can be used on the Hob or in the oven. Perfect for a single serving.
Diameter 26 cm (10" approx.) x Height 23cm (9" approx.)
Will come packed in 7 x plastic storage boxes.
Good Condition as almost new.
Some have signs of wear and tear.

£5 +VAT

20 x Moroccan Cooking Tagine Pots
| Ref #: 2c6af5eaeeb5

Sold 2x Moroccan Style Trays / Tables - Worcester

Price: £125 VAT Free
Moroccan Style Coffee Tables
2 VERY Large Moroccan style trays that can be used also as table tops in silver nickel tray for indoor or outdoor use.
Never used but has been in our prop storage.
Engraved Brass Table - Nickel silver colour.
Nickel silver engraved tray is a practical and stylish, ideal for decoration at events or in the home.
Hand etched, displaying an ornate Arabesque design.
Trays; 2 at 95cm diameter.

£125 VAT Free

Moroccan Style Coffee Tables
| Ref #: 673439b4bba3
12m dia hexagon Rigid Frame
6m each side
wall height 2m
height at centre 4.5m
Traditional custom lining and outer decoration
used once for Private Event

£8500 ono including VAT

Stunning Moroccan Party Marquee
| Ref #: e2c8527178b8

Sold Traditional Moroccan Party Tent - Southampton

Price: £2400 ono including VAT
Traditional Moroccan Party Tent
7 x 14m Traditional Moroccan Caidal Marquee
cover used some attention needed
New Walls and lining
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£2400 ono including VAT

Traditional Moroccan Party Tent
| Ref #: 93e67d7fa592
HFA Removals
Extra Large Polished Brass Tray Table
Ideal Statement Piece For Chill Out Furniture Brilliant For Hire Stock -
Flat Stacking Trays + Folding Legs

£175 £120 +VAT

Brass Tray Table
| Ref #: 457f03caf663
Hello, I have got for sale moroccan interior and marquee equipment - some of the items are new some are old but they are all in very good condition, the items could be sold individually or as a lot:
  • Tea Glasses - 150 items price from £3
  • Carpets and Rugs - 60 items price from £80
  • Lanterns and Lamps - 180 items price from £8
  • Screen Divider - 3 items priced £350
  • Pouffs and cushions 85 items price from £25
  • Palm Trees - 12 items price as a lot £700
  • Tall Iron Lanterns - 24 items price from £25 to £300
  • Candles - 38 items price from £10
  • Table Mat - 30 items price £3.50
  • Table Covers - 35 items price £55
  • Fountain price £800
  • Brass and Copper Tables - 16 items price from £220
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£3 +VAT

Moroccan Marquee Interiors for sale
| Ref #: 0593b826a2fc

Sold Brass Surahi - West London

Price: £75 VAT Free
Traditional Indian Brass Surahi
Surahi made out of brass with hand painting.
Hand crafted in India.
Best to keep in the drawing room or if you have a bar.
In old days people used to drink from this.
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£75 VAT Free

Traditional Indian Brass Surahi
| Ref #: 3418fe8bddab
All in good condition, used for props only and never been used so very clean

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£170 +VAT

Hookas props for sale
| Ref #: 0794c8f54292
Hot Pink. These pendant shades would give a warm glow to any environment. Create a Middle Eastern atmosphere here in the UK.
These are just a few lights taken from our huge in-store range.

£35 +VAT

Mosaic Glass and Bead Pendant Shades
| Ref #: 570e785adabd
We have a selection of these brand new beautiful Arabian/Indian patchwork cushion covers.

Size are standard 16” x 16” and come without the fillers so covers only, we can also suggest where to
buy the fillers if needed.

We have 10 different colours

Perfect for event theming, Indian themes, Arabian themes, Moroccan themes etc

80x £5 each for cushion covers

20x £10 each for poofs

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£5 +VAT

Morrocan or Indian cushions and poofs
| Ref #: 046797ce0ee7

Umbrellas - Birmingham

Price: £300 +VAT
Decorative umbrellas
Sold in packs of 4s, SET COLOURS!! cannot be changed. Mixtures of Black, purple, mendhi green, navy blue, red, pink, yellow, light blue, gold, white, orange, etc.

£300 for pack of 4 bases not inc

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£300 +VAT

Decorative umbrellas
| Ref #: e3c2f01f74ec

£20 +VAT

Moroccan Candelabras
| Ref #: 701cc9bdc922

£15 +VAT

Collection of candle Lanterns .
| Ref #: 8db4521b20f0
Sold in pack of 50 – 10 different colours so 3 of each colour

16” x 16”

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£250 +VAT

Moroccan cushion covers
| Ref #: 00d96741c78f

£12 +VAT

Poof Stool Covers with Patch Work
| Ref #: 9232e535477f

Moroccan Marquee

Price: £9000 +VAT
Moroccan Marquee
We only used it two times and it is in great condition.

The tent is 12x24 metres (40x80ft) and it needs pegging out by another metre or so. When it is down it will fit into the back of a Mercedes Sprinter or Luton Van. The two longest poles are 4.35 metres. Other than the poles everything else is quite compact. The largest section is the roof which folds down into a bag measuring about 1.5 metres square. Because it is all in one section - outer canvas, and interior lining with the waterproof plastic layer in between this is the heaviest bit and needs a couple of people to lift it - the weight of all the different bits together is 850kg.

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£9000 +VAT

Moroccan Marquee
| Ref #: 4fd5948db374
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