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Price: £300 +VAT
6ft Easter Island Statues in Excellent Condition
£300.00 + VAT
Full VAT Invoice will be supplied with the sale
Approx. Dimensions:- 87cms x 85cms x 182cms
Approx. weight:- 100kg
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Price: £7500 +VAT
We are reluctantly selling our HUGE Dinosaur Entranceway because he is just too heavy and big for us to manoeuvre in and out of Venues for Hire
He measures 3m tall and 4m long and he fits nicely around a standard double door entrance
He is a fibreglass and steel framed construction and built in 5 x pieces to aid with erection and de-rig
We have a timeline video to show us making him which you can view on our website
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Sold Female Greek Style Figures - Hertfordshire

Price: £420 £200 +VAT ono
Greek armless female figure
Price: £420 £200 +VAT ono
A selection of Greek style female figures, used for theming so may have a few marks.

1 x Full Torso - £70
1 x Armless Torso - £50
1 x Female Bust - £35
1 x Short Full Torso - £35
1 x Mini Full Torso - £25
Price: £30 +VAT
Approx. 10 Inches tall each, £30 for all 3, broken foot on one

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Price: £275 +VAT
Stunningly realistic seated silverback Gorilla statue is great to use in African themed sets & to raise awareness of endangered great apes & wild animals.

In perfect order

Approx max dimensions:- 84cms x 69cms x 114cms

Approx weight:- 17.5 kg

Sold Waiter / Man Figure - London

Price: £20 +VAT
waiter figure
Price: £20 +VAT
Provides a welcome into your shop, restaurant or event

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Sold 3d Model of a Dragon - Wiltshire

Price: £300 +VAT
Winged dragon for sale
Price: £300 +VAT
This 3d model of a Dragon is now surplus to requirements, is in excellent condition, made of cold-cast poly-resin and fibre-glass is an ideal figure for an Arthurian, Fantasty or Mythological scene or theme.

The Dragon sits on a resin pillar, which his tail curls right around, as his talons grip the edge. The detail on this model is really impressive and the wings are removable for transit and storage.

Approximate max dimensions: 79cm x 72cm x 213cm

Approximate weight: 47kgs

Sold Greek God Statue Props - Hertfordshire

Price: £150 VAT Free
Greek female statue
Price: £150 VAT Free
2 x Greek Statue Props - freestanding, used
  • Hermes – approx. just over 6ft tall
  • Aphrodite – approx. 6ft tall
Grey stone effect painted finish

Ideal for Greek themed events

Hermes hat and wings can be removed, so can also be used for other themes


Sold 7ft Resin Gold Angel Statue Prop - Surrey

Price: £350 VAT Free
Gold resin statue
Price: £350 VAT Free
Great for Heaven & Hell events, ancient greek, Roman ruins, VIP Areas, etc, etc...

Highly detailed and looks like a real gold statue!

Wings can be removed for transport / storage.

Original cost was £895. In perfect condition.

Sold Greek Style Male Torso - Hertfordshire

Price: £50 £40 +VAT
Greek style headless male torso
Price: £50 £40 +VAT
Greek style male torso, headless

Reduced to £40 each - 2 available
Price: £325 +VAT
  • White Mac, Trilby Hat and Pistol.
  • Approximate dimensions: - 75cms x 188cms
  • In very good condition

He will make a great addition to any themed party!
Price: £10 +VAT
Height: 30cm

Price £10 each
Price: £125 +VAT
The Statue of Liberty would brighten any display in your theme bar, diner, window display, crazy golf course, coffee shop or pub the list is endless.

Complete with glass lamp cover.

Approximate max dimensions: - 45cm x 43cm x 160cm

In perfect order
Price: £275 +VAT
5ft sitting Elephant in perfect order

This resin model Elephant could be used to great effect in any Jungle or Safari themed areas in adventure golf courses, zoos, theme-parks or to promote shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops.

Approx max dimensions:- 140cm x 88cm x 140cm

Approx weight:- 51kg
Price: £250 +VAT
This fantastic Scary Clown Wall Décor is in perfect order and stands at 5ft has bright coloured detail to make it stand out from the crowd.

This would make a fabulous centre piece, for advertising or drawing attention to your business.

It can be used in any themed area or in shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, adventure golf courses, zoos, theme-parks.

Approx max dimensions:- 51cms x 127cms x 150cms

Approx weight:- 21 kgs
Price: £200 +VAT
Life size Marilyn Monroe resin figure in used condition.
Pleated dress pose.
Could do with a good clean and touch up of paint work.
Price: £150 +VAT
Rosie the jazz singer with her art deco backdrop.

Full size 3D resin figure.

Needs a little refresh but in reasonable condition.

Stands on a circular plinth with lights and has a microphone as well.
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