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Sold Peep Through Boards - Powys, Wales

Price: £700 +VAT
Super Heroes Peep through boards
Price: £700 +VAT
Without stands . Boards only . Used once:
  • 6ft x 4ft scooby doo mystery machine £230
  • 6ft x 4ft fat lady £230
  • 7ft x 6 ft super heroes £350
Job lot £700

Sold Giant Deckchairs - Devon

Price: £329 +VAT
Giant Deckchairs
Price: £329 +VAT
BS EN tested, brand new.

Price for standard stripes - blue and white, red and white, green and white, yellow and white or vintage stripes.
Price: £15 +VAT
These stones are perfect for
  • Border Decoration
  • Garden Features
  • Pot Topping
Similar in sizes and ready to transform your garden be it a Japanese style, beach look or just random planting

Cost £15 + VAT per bag

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Price: £400 VAT Free
A complete set of props that are perfect for any Beach Party or Hawaiian themed event.

Loads of items included in this sale - so a real bargain!

Included in this set;
  • 6 x large Beach signs (largest is approx 100cm x 40cm)
  • Printed 'Beach' signs - approx 10 included. Good for sticking on walls around venues.
  • 7 x Wood effect sheets - I was going to make some beach props with these. Will be included in the sale....
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items