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50p a jar or best offer

£0.50 +VAT ono

Candle holders
| Quantity: 55
Height 0.26m
Width 0.16m

£12 +VAT

Glass vase for sale
| Quantity: 41
Apac balls glass balls white/ black
3 packs of black
20 packs of crystal clear

£2 +VAT ono

Glass balls for sale
| Quantity: 23

£6 For 6 Plus VAT

Tea light holders
| Quantity: 120
HFA Removals
Height (m): 1.08
Depth (m): 0.2
Width (m): 2.35

£35 +VAT

Olympic rings for sale
Elvis Presley Drive Roadsigns
Height (m): 1.05
Depth (m): 1
Width (m): 0.16

£5 +VAT ono

Road sign prop for sale
280 candles
£112.00 ( 40p each)
Will except offers

£112 +VAT ono

Candles for sale
| Quantity: 280
Great condition been used once
Height 78cm
width 30cm
2nd hand

£12 +VAT

Owl cage for sale
Height 0.5m
Width 0.1m
Been used on a few events still great condition

£7 +VAT

Vase for sale
| Quantity: 54
Sizes range between 50cm to 60 cm
£2.50 each willing to make deal or job lot price for all Mobiles

£2.50 +VAT

Mobile for sale
| Quantity: 70
This inflatable marquee has many uses including Event bars, festival stalls, exhibitions, trade stands and Information
The space capacity is for 120 people.
This can be quickly deployed by 4 people in around 20 minutes.


Inflatable marquee
Height (m): 0.7
Depth (m): 0.3
Width (m): 0.7

Well used with a bit of damage (scratches)

£8 +VAT

| Quantity: 5
These tables and benches are made from recycled timber and have an authentic rustic appearance.
They are specifically designed to utilise a minimum of storage space. The trestles are fold-able and are separate to the table top. The legs of the benches can be folded for easy storage.
Variations to these sizes can be ordered.
All furniture is made to order and as such there is no limit to order amount.
Large orders may be subject to discount (contact for details).
Table & 2 Trestles £220 Bench £110

£110 including VAT ono

Plank top trestle tables
| Quantity: 999
Limewash 6ft x 2ft6 trestle tables and benches.
Very well made and strong tables.
  • One table and two benches £340+ vat
  • One table and 6 Chiavari chairs £350 + vat
Only 20 tables available.

£340 +VAT

Limewash Trestle Tables with Chiavari Chairs
| Quantity: 20
Inflatable Gladiator Joust
In good condition, includes all framework for podiums, 2 podiums and 2 pugil sticks
Does not come with blower

£500 +VAT

Inflatable Gladiator Joust Game
If you are looking for a Green Live Wall to decorate your office or home, look no further.
We are moving our office and unfortunately we can't take it with us so we looking for a new home for this beautiful Living Wall.
A Living Wall is also a fantastic way to provide inspirational greenery decor for your cafe, venue, event or exhibition.
Price would be £8000 if you are collecting but if you require it to be delivered and installed it will be another £2000.

£8000 including VAT

Live Wall
Pair of FULL-SIZE Blues Brothers Statues
One has damage and need repairing

£250 +VAT

Blue brothers statues for sale
This inflatable marquee has many uses including Event bars, festival stalls, exhibitions, trade stands and Information Points.
The space capacity is for 25 persons.
As this unit is inflatable it can be quickly deployed by 1 or 2 people in around 10 minutes.

£2180 +VAT

Inflatable log cabin marquee for sale
You are equipped with an authentic colt 45 that has been de-activated and now fires an invisible infra-red beam. When the eyes of John Wayne turn from green to red, draw your gun; cock the hammer and fire, before John Wayne shoots you.
Each participant gets six shots and your reaction time is electronically monitored down to 1000th of a second and displayed on the LCD scoreboard which makes it suitable for any event or competition.
This game features sound effects with John Wayne challenging the participants and is suitable for any event or competition. Two players can play at once.
Complete with 3 x Guns & 2 x real black leather heavy duty Mexican gun belts & holsters.

£700 +VAT

John Wayne Quick Draw / Saloon Bar Shoot Out Game
For sale are our wedding thrones. The sale is for 1 pair.

£1000 +VAT ono

Pair of Matching Wooden Wedding Thrones in Cream