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Garlando Foldy Professional Football Table - Excellent condition
Colour: Blue

£480 VAT Free

Stating ‘Win’ or ‘Better luck next time’, this was handmade for an event and can be used for any fair, fete or fun event.
Quality, wooden and heavy duty structure.

£300 VAT Free

Full size Ferrari Superhero Sports Car! A stunning replica model used for Superhero events- fully customised and a one off! Absolutely outstanding with full graphics (which can be removed), bespoke wings, tailgates, lights, steering wheel etc. Suitable for adults and kids to sit inside, great for photo opportunities, promotions and grabbing attention. A very good investment as this is the only one!

£14000 £11200 +VAT

8ft x 16ft 6 lane scalextrics.
Comes apart in 4 pieces.
Computer to see best/fastest lap times
Spare cars
Spare track pieces

£1000 +VAT ono

This is a bespoke tube tennis. Made for summer events, this is a really unique item.
Complete with rigging points.

£5000 inc. VAT ono

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