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Blue and White Striped Hardwood Frame Deckchairs x100
Used twice but surplus to requirements.
Like new but with a few transport related scuffs/scratches.
Willing to split the quantity down in to groups of 10.

£34 £30 +VAT each

| Quantity: 100
This high spec 3d telephone box is made from fibre-glass, resin and MDF and the door fully opens out, this could be used to house a private phone booth in a reception, drinks bar or turned into shelving display. The unit is brand new.

£1140 inc. VAT ono

Various Las Vegas and Casino themed props and backdrops. Mixed condition.
- Giant Dice Stack
- 4 x Giant Playing Cards
- 2 x Giant Dollar Bills
- 40ft Las Vegas Strip Backdrop
- 30ft Las Vegas Strip Backdrop

£500 £450 +VAT ono

Beautiful Large Moroccan Style Fretwork metal and stained glass hanging lanterns.
Highly detailed and colorful, these lamps come in two sizes, the larger lanterns are around 900mm by 350mm the smaller size are around 800mm by 300mm. Both use a large bayonet bulb.
We have 7 available, 2 large £50 plus VAT each and 5 small £40 plus VAT each. Though open to offers.

£50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 7
We have 75 pieces for sale, they have LED mirror box bases with 5 colour options, crystal ball tops. They are used condition, some batteries will need replacing in the mirror boxes and remotes, some of the glitter discs will need re-glueing, they have been in store for about 3 years now. They make beautiful centrepieces when used in full, although the light boxes can also support flower arrangements and the balls used in many different situations. The light boxes are 20cm x 20cm x 20cm. The units stand 100cm tall when built.

£960 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 75
Demountable grandstand seating
Uses include Golf tournaments, motor sport, Rugby / Football matches.
Or used in a sports hall for theatre style seating.
Can be used as standing only or seated.
Perfect condition, ready for work.

£14000 +VAT ono

74 table centres for a film awards themed event standing 890mm high. All complete with two film slates, cascading gold ribbons and topped with a gold figurine. Free-standing on a gold and black 200mm diameter base.
Happy to split down the to quantities required.

£7.50 £4.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 74
Prop Sale
John Travolta aka Tony Manero in classic 'Staying Alive' disco pose profile from the 1977 Cult Film 'Saturday Night Fever'.
Free-standing on integral stand.
Manufactured from 18mm MDF.
Complete with storage bag.

£55 £35 +VAT

Great looking Gold VIP post, perfect for the hire industry.
Go perfectly with our selection of velvet ropes.
Easy to assemble and transport.
96 x 32 x 32 cm

£35 £25 +VAT each

| Quantity: 100
A huge selection of high quality 1.5m velvet ropes. Just select the ends and the colours.
These match perfectly with our VIP Chrome and Gold Posts.
Colours available Blue, Red, Black and Gold
Ends either Chrome or Gold

£17.50 £12.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 800
Folding wooden Christmas market / grotto hut

£1500 £1000 +VAT

Add a little bit of retro cool to your event space with these classic pinball machines. We've sourced original pinball machines from the fifties and sixties to give you something a little bit different to your event.
These machines are very different from the modern day machines; they are in their original casing and have a simple rotary scoreboard rather than a flashing video screen. However, they play in the same way and it won't be long before your guests are lost in nostalgia trying to be the next Pinball Wizard.

£750 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
The boys themselves on a bike.
Part of our Laurel and Hardy memorabilia sale.
About 18" high.
Great for collectors.

£45 £41 VAT Free

From the UK touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
This is a three wheeler bike specially constructed with a cage on it. The cage is detachable (bolted on).
The roof would need some love and attention (which we may do if it isn't sold as it hires out to pantos etc.)
It has electromagnets attached at the top as originally it had a cloth attached with the 'nice' sweetshop drape which was disconnected when the children climbed in allowing the drape to fall. We do not have the drape sadly but all is in place if an electrical person wanted to reinstate it.

£2950 £2655 VAT Free

Tandem attached to board. From the UK touring show of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The 2 spies used it.
It can be pulled across a stage by rope or wire with the actors pedalling like beggary, or as we used it in panto, stationary with people running behind it with scenery while the actors pedalled.
Good fun prop.

£750 £675 VAT Free

This was made for our touring show of Hancock's Half Hour, Galton and Simpson Playhouses and the Goons Show.
The mics are made up to look like old style BBC mics and are not working mics.
4 microphones with stands and one desk mic with stand.
One props table with 'On Air' light (which is detachable from the table). The light is wired up to a standard plug. The table is on wheels and easily trundled into place.

£350 £315 VAT Free

Ex military tannoy system. In original box.
Used in the stage production of 'Across The Andes By Frog' (Ripping Yarns).
This did work but will possibly need someone with an electrical bent to get it fully going (although like all this type of equipment, it is quite basic).

£35 £32 VAT Free

Giant Urns (a pair)
As new and great for any celebration and theme i.e. wedding,garden party, Aladdin themed party etc.

£500 inc. VAT

Spooky Halloween Tree, resin made. A number of branches missing, but still looks great when dressed with autumn leaves and cobwebs for a Halloween set up.

£150 VAT Free

Red Telephone Box
Needs restoration. Damaged and parts missing but would be a great prop with some love and attention.

£50 VAT Free

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