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Indian Marquee with cream outer canvas and beautifully ornate hand wood-blocked lining with mirrored gold embellishments. Complete with scallops, pole wraps and tasselled finish. 6m x 10m frame marquee with finishing wall-pole finials. Ideal for weddings and parties, has only been used three times.

£3000 VAT Free

Used indian marquee for sale
Ideal for industrial, Commercial and warehouse use, Providing fast effective air circulation.
Big 25" 635mm balanced twin blade propeller
220W 230V motor
8120 Cfm air flow
Oscillates left / right for maximum air circulation or fixed for constant air flow.
Includes safety grille & plug with all metal construction with cast iron base for stability.

£50 including VAT

Pedestal Fan for sale
These tables and benches are made from recycled timber and have an authentic rustic appearance.
They are specifically designed to utilise a minimum of storage space. The trestles are fold-able and are separate to the table top. The legs of the benches can be folded for easy storage.
Variations to these sizes can be ordered.
All furniture is made to order and as such there is no limit to order amount.
Large orders may be subject to discount (contact for details).
Table & 2 Trestles £220 Bench £110

£110 ono including VAT

Plank top trestle tables
| Quantity: 999

15x Shisha Pot And Pipes - London

Price: £18 VAT Free
Shisha pipes
Shisha pot and pipes

£18 VAT Free

Shisha pipes
| Quantity: 15
HFA Removals

Shisha Sign Lights - London

Price: £17 VAT Free
Shisha Sign Lights - London
Shisha Sign Lights

£17 VAT Free

Shisha Sign Lights - London

20x Shisha Pipes - London

Price: £20 VAT Free
20x Shisha Pipes - London
20x Shisha Pipes

£20 VAT Free

20x Shisha Pipes - London
| Quantity: 20
Beautiful 6m Pavilion Indian Tent for sale. An attractive alternative to a typical square / rectangle tent, the 6m Pavilion can be used for a multitude of different purposes. Chill-out lounge, silent disco, bar or kids tents, or just an extra space at your summer garden party to to protect your guests from the elements.

£1750 VAT Free

Indian tent for sale

Steins - Job Lot - London

Price: £1250 ono including VAT
Beer steins for sale
Job Lot of Steins, previously used for Oktoberfest events and no longer needed.
Good condition, clean and stored in boxes

£1250 ono including VAT

Beer steins for sale
| Quantity: 223
36x 6ft Benches. Will seat up to 180 guests.
All solid wood with folding metal legs.
All very strong and suitable for outside.
Classic German Oktoberfest beer benches.

£11.12 +VAT

6Ft Benches for sale
| Quantity: 36

6m (20ft) Pavilion Indian Tent

Price: £2700 £2000 VAT Free
6m (20ft) Pavilion Indian Tent
Beautiful tent that definitely has the wow factor.
Made on a stainless steel frame and waterproof canvas. Stunning royal blue inner lining with gold stars. Also includes the drapes, finials, detachable border, tassels etc.

£2700 £2000 VAT Free

6m (20ft) Pavilion Indian Tent
Two Inflatable dinosaurs props, one 50ft long and 30ft high the baby is only 25ft long and 20ft high.
Surprisingly as they are inflatable and made or ripstop nylon, although you would not know it as they pear over hedges.
They are easy to transport as they can fit into a estate car with ease.
It takes one person a few mins to infate.


Dinosaur Inflatable prop.

Six Foot Fiberglass Sun - Suffolk

Price: £300 VAT Free
Giant Sun Prop
Giant fiberglass sun prop. With a happy peaceful face.
About 6ft across and 18" deep.
Has a vintage terracotta / gold paint effect.
It looks really heavy, however it can be moved around by one person.

£300 VAT Free

Giant Sun Prop

Pop Corn Cart - Wiltshire

Price: £250 VAT Free
Popcorn cart for sale
Pop corn cart with heater, in full working condition, in fact we have made pop corn ourselves to test the machine and all was fine, model is a VBG-1608 TANSIK, unit is complete, in great condition, don't think it was used and ready for work also supplied are parts for a second cart, just the lower carriage and wheels.

£250 VAT Free

Popcorn cart for sale

25x Shisha Pipes - London

Price: £600 ono VAT Free
Shisha pipes for sale
Great condition

£600 ono VAT Free

Shisha pipes for sale
| Quantity: 25
This is a fantastic collection of Ethnic (Indian, Moroccan etc) cushions and bolsters.
128x small Cushions, 72x Mini Cushions, 27x 1m x 1m Green and red giant cushions.
16x Bolsters, 11x 30cm x 30cm silk cushions, 152 x 30 x 30cm cushions with tassels.
We used these to dress marquees and venues.

£1500 VAT Free

Ethnic Seating Venu Decor -
| Quantity: 441

Sold Vintage / Traditional Ice Cream Trike - Suffolk

Price: £1250 VAT Free
Vintage Ice Cream Trike

Giant Lion Prop - Aintree, Liverpool

Price: £350 +VAT ono
Lion prop for sale
Approx max dimensions:- 172cm x 72cm x 137cm
Approx weight:- 26kg
Used twice, great condition!

£350 +VAT ono

Lion prop for sale
Solve all your short term furnishing/dressing problems.
Chairs, Tables, Lamps, Art, Antique Furnishings, Drapes
All these items are available to rent catering to specific needs, whether it's a party or a more formal function.
Hotels, theatre, film, photo shoots and many more applications


House dresing
Clearsky WPT1 Premium Woody Safari Tent 5m x 5m .
Traditional Dark Green colour. 6m x 9m with Roof Extender to incorporate an rear en-suite unit. Dark Green PVC coated canvas roof.

£9980 £8999 VAT Free

Safari tents for sale
| Quantity: 2
92x Large 26cm diameter Large Dining Plates in nine dishwasher-safe commercial-grade GREY stacking boxes

£368 +VAT

Rustic plates for sale
| Quantity: 92

Sold 4x Bubble Machine - Reading, Berkshire

Price: £100 +VAT
Bubble machine for sale

£100 +VAT

Bubble machine for sale
| Quantity: 4
Hand Embroided In The Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This Moroccan Cushion/Pillow Cover is a decorative piece of furnishing that adds warmth and style to the decor of your room. The Cushions are beautifuly embellished with squeins which are hand embroidered In The Atlas Mountains of Morocco by the Tribal Berber Women using traditional techniques.

£150 ono VAT Free

Pillow covers for sale

Sold 12m x 12m Raj Tent - Sussex

Price: £3250 +VAT ono
Used Raj Tent For sale

£3250 +VAT ono

Used Raj Tent For sale
Extra Large Polished Brass Tray Table (almost new)
Ideal Statement Piece For Chill Out Furniture Brilliant For Hire Stock
Flat Stacking Trays + Folding Legs

£175 £108 +VAT

Folding Brass Tray Table
| Quantity: 10
Showing 1 - 25 of 155 items