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Starship X-582 is a prop of a Starfighter, in the shape of a a child's single bed.
The ship has full sound effects (over 200 of them). Multiple function switches with female voice confirmation.
The Navigation console lowers/raises by electric actuator.
LEDs everywhere! Navigation lights, thrusters, cockpit, engines etc

£5000 £2000 VAT Free

4 x Replica Victorian street lights.
Stands 2.9m high and is 40cm in diameter at the widest part. The top part of the lamp is removable, allowing you to change the lamp, which is a standard GU10 fitting. There is a power connection at the base.

£200 + VAT each or all 4 for £600 + VAT

£600 £550 +VAT

| Quantity: 4
Life size Bond Golden Gun Prop
Made from mostly wood
230cm x 145cm x 60cm

£575 +VAT ono

This exhibition unit was built by Bridgwater Trailers.
This unique 5m by 4.3m (once opened fully) Exhibition Unit in excellent condition, has been used as a mobile cocktail, Pirate Themed rum punch bar.

£12250 VAT Free

Set of 6 life-size star wars props which have barely been used. Will consider breaking down into individual lots:
  • Darth Vader - 7ft
  • Chewbacca - 7ft
  • C3PO - 5ft 6inches
  • Stormtrooper - 6ft
  • R2D2 - 900mm
  • Yoda - 720 mm
  • £4320 £3360 inc. VAT each

    | Quantity: 6
    Brand New ordered for a wedding but not used

    £265 £195 +VAT ono each

    | Quantity: 5
    20 giant Martini glasses for sale in cardboard boxes
    60cm tall by 25cm wide

    £270 £180 +VAT

    | Quantity: 20
    Assembled (which is a lot of work if you are thinking to buy some)

    Goes in a van

    Used once for an indoor event

    £90 +VAT

    1.5m tall in a rose gold colour.
    Fully working PAT tested

    £650 +VAT each

    | Quantity: 3
    Pottery Parrot on a tree stump
    15.5cm x 11.5cm x 40cm
    All individually bubble wrapped.
    Mix of red & blue parrots.
    Great table centres for Pirate themed events or Jungle Themes.

    £150 inc. VAT

    | Quantity: 24
    A forward collapsing, rotating barbers chair ideal for productions of Sweeney Todd. The chair is strongly made, constructed from steel tube, hardwood, plywood and finished in padded PVC faux Leather. The chair rotates on its axis and when the lever is pulled, the seat collapses down forming a slide to be incorporated into the set design. When the lever is pushed forward, the chair returns to normal. This chair was successfully used for a three week production in 2018 with no problems reported.

    £350 +VAT

    Rare, one-of-a-kind herkert & meisel professional steamer trunk

    £450 +VAT ono

    Great for walkways, Bollywood features and props, Arabian props

    £100 +VAT each

    | Quantity: 4
    Great Gatsby theme flats
    3 panels available
    Printed on HIPs
    Versatile for a variety of uses

    £100 £50 +VAT each

    | Quantity: 3
    Light up clouds – approx 2mx1m in size available for sale
    Amazing ceiling feature for corporate events
    These can be hung using catenary wire

    £200 £170 +VAT

    Specially Made Buffet Counters
    Gatsby Themed Buffet counters to fit around a trestle table.
    Great theming for Parties and Events for surrounds for the Buffet, DJ Booth or even a Bar!

    £225 £145 +VAT each

    | Quantity: 4

    £400 inc. VAT

    American style skyscraper skyline
    2 Art Deco Columns (silhouette is £25.00 extra)
    3 x Signs (the 'i' is missing and needs to be replaced)

    £165 £100 VAT Free

    | Quantity: 5
    2.2m tall x 0.51cm square at the base
    Very good condition and Very Heavy
    Looks exactly like a real stone column

    £200 VAT Free

    6 x 3 Back drops Scottish Castle, Lollipop Swirls, Alice in Wonderland Gates, Moon & Stars, Union Jack,

    £250 +VAT each

    | Quantity: 5
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