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White laminated counter with LED strips colour changing been used once for two days is as good as new , lockable cupboard, side for mini fridge, wine cooler or you can place a shelf for computer, storage etc.
It weighs about 100 kilos.
Can deliver for an extra cost

£580 ono VAT Free

White laminated bar for sale
I have for sale 50 Abstract AVR LED dance floor tiles and the appropriate driver boxes , the perspex still has the original protective film on all but 4 of the tiles, each tile is 600mm x 600mm x 104mm high with a weight of 17kg, the driver boxes are Abstract AVR LMD 16 channel & 4 channel.

£7500 ono including VAT

Dance floor changing tiles
| Quantity: 50
New, hardly unused, baroque-style lounge suite inspired by "MARIE ANTOINETTE" era.
Delicate and extravagant, this noble salon suite presents itself in every royal living ambience, perfect for a rococo style event
Ornate frame made of wood, gilded. Light weight and perfect as a prop for a lounge scene.
Curved shape, elaborate carvings.

£1030 £700 +VAT ono

Sofa suite

Lots of Props for Sale - Berkshire

Price: £0 ono VAT Free
Props for sale
We have an 'abundance' of props for sale due to an exciting and imminent move! :D
Everything from Tea Light Holders to Life Size 3D’s and bespoke builds through a variety of themes and categories.
Everything must go!


Props for sale
HFA Removals

Menu Holder - Suffolk

Price: £3.50 VAT Free
Menu Holders / wallet
Menu holder
Emost gold graphics
Easy to change menu card.

£3.50 VAT Free

Menu Holders / wallet
| Quantity: 16
Decorative glass tea light holders.

Look stunning on the table

£2.50 VAT Free

Tea light holders
| Quantity: 78
£50 any with more than 5cm of damage
£85 those without any damage


Sofa and low tables for sale
| Quantity: 7
Bamboo table bases
Can be used as plant pot holder.
Dark stained


Plant pot holder
| Quantity: 20

Candle Stick Holder - Shropshire

Price: £10 VAT Free
Candle holder
Lime wash vintage looking candle holder
With lief pattern
Glass has frosted / shattered look

£10 VAT Free

Candle holder
Unique and bespoke corner seating unit for sale A REAL statement piece of furniture, perfect for a reception area or in the middle of a room.

£795 +VAT

Unique Corner Seating Unit in Zebrano laminate
This luxurious tablecloth / slip will give any table the wow factor in an instant. Suitable for all party functions.
Made with the highest quality cloth, this table cloth can be used for many party functions and will add a touch of glamour to a party every time.
Best of all, it will be so easy to add the finest table decorations!
Colour is deep red / maroon / burgundy.

£10 VAT Free

Burgundy crushed Velvet Table Cloth
| Quantity: 30

24" Tall Flower Vases - Suffolk

Price: £10 VAT Free
Tall flower vases
Tall metal and glass vases
Ideal for tables centres
Glass has a frosted / shattered look.
The wire has a aged lime wash look with petals.

£10 VAT Free

Tall flower vases
| Quantity: 20

Antique Style Bird Cage - Suffolk

Price: £15 VAT Free
Bird cage for flower arraingments
Great for flower arrangements
Make a stunning table centre
All in very good condition

£15 VAT Free

Bird cage for flower arraingments

The Thunder Ball - Suffolk

Price: £15 VAT Free
Electric Lightning Ball
This glass glob is transforms electric current into a beautiful patters of lightning.
It looks like it should come from a classic science fiction movie.
The patterns can be manipulated by touching any part of the glass surface. Lightning follows your fingers!
It can also respond to voice or sounds.
It draws attention on the end of a bar or buffet table.

£15 VAT Free

Electric Lightning Ball
| Quantity: 2
These tables and benches are made from recycled timber and have an authentic rustic appearance.
They are specifically designed to utilise a minimum of storage space. The trestles are fold-able and are separate to the table top. The legs of the benches can be folded for easy storage.
Variations to these sizes can be ordered.
All furniture is made to order and as such there is no limit to order amount.
Large orders may be subject to discount (contact for details).
Table & 2 Trestles £220 Bench £110

£110 ono including VAT

Plank top trestle tables
| Quantity: 999
8" Rotating mirror balls
Ideal for table centres - make any event stunning
Stand 18" high
Pin spotlight with four colours - Red, blue, yellow, green
Pin spot lamp 6v, 30w

£10 VAT Free

Table top mirror ball
| Quantity: 5

Indoor Plant Lights - Suffolk

Price: £25 +VAT
Plant lights
Up lighters for plants.
Ideal for dressing your venue.
Gives the wow factor.

£25 +VAT

Plant lights
| Quantity: 5
We have two large artificial rocks and three large boxes of foliage, cork bark and edgings which have been used for various jungle, beach and garden scenes.

The foliage etc boxes measure approximately 1300 x 500 x 600mm, 1000 x 500 x 600mm and 500 x 500 x 600mm.

£100 VAT Free

Artificial Rocks for sale
Perfect for staging TV themed events or conferences.

The applause sign is 1000 x 300mm and the On Air Off Air signs are 600 x 300mm.

£200 including VAT

TV Studio On Air Lights
3x Sets of inflation pumps
Balloon gauges for consistent balloon inflation.
100's of weights
Fancy string, ribbons, balloon nets.
Balloon exploder and much much more
3x Balloon inflation devices including


Boxes and boxes of balloon stock
We think he is a Greek philosopher or he could be roman.
He could be one of Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Parmendes, Democritus, Anoxagoras, Epicurus, Diogenes, Gorgias, Plutarch, Chrysippus, Archimedes, Solon, Archytas, Thucydies, Galen or any other of the bunch.
Comes apart for easy transport.
Made out of resin so does not weigh much.

£75 VAT Free

Greek Philosopher prop for sale

Sold 15x Black Candle Sticks - Suffolk

Price: £3 VAT Free
Black candle sticks

£3 VAT Free

Black candle sticks
| Quantity: 15
Two inflatable dinosaurs props. Ideal for celebrating the anniversary of Jurassic park!
The one that could be a Tyrannosaurus is 50ft long and 30ft high.
The baby is only 25ft long and 20ft high.
Surprisingly they are inflatable and made of ripstop nylon, although you would not know it as they peer over hedges.
They are easy to transport as they can fit into an estate car with ease.
It takes one person a few mins to inflate.

£5000 VAT Free

Dinosaur Gate keeper
A giant cake prop, with glittered number one. ‘Happy Birthday’ text included. Purple ribbon not included. Few scuffs, may benefit from a coat of paint.

£250 +VAT

Cake prop for sale

24v Rgb Led Strip 300 Led - London

Price: £82.50 VAT Free
24v Rgb Led Strip 300 Led - London
24v Rgb Led Strip 300 Led

£82.50 VAT Free

24v Rgb Led Strip 300 Led - London
Showing 1 - 25 of 344 items