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Wrought Iron Candelabra, hand forged in the UK for a major TV production set in the Elizabethan era. Very heavy and stable.
We have two of each size, 2m and 1.8m, four in total. Ideally sold as a set. They have been aged by film prop makers.
These candelabra are of superb quality. Delivery can be arranged.

£1000 £800 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
Skeleton Man reminiscent of Calavera from the spanish Day of the dead - Dia de Muertos.
Ideal for halloween parties

£40 +VAT

Wizard School Props including:
- 1 x Broomstick Parking (brooms not included)

£200 inc. VAT ono

From the UK touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
This is a three wheeler bike specially constructed with a cage on it. The cage is detachable (bolted on).
The roof would need some love and attention (which we may do if it isn't sold as it hires out to pantos etc.)
It has electromagnets attached at the top as originally it had a cloth attached with the 'nice' sweetshop drape which was disconnected when the children climbed in allowing the drape to fall. We do not have the drape sadly but all is in place if an electrical person wanted to reinstate it.

£2950 VAT Free

Selection of quality Halloween props to include:
Headstone cross, RIP Headstone, Zombie Hand - Fibreglass
Cowboy Skeleton, Coffin 6ft - wooden
Tortured Man in a cage, Angry Pumpkin Tree - Eye light up
Haunted Hanger 16ft - Cowboy
Props are all in very good condition

£1920 inc. VAT

6 Halloween Sets For Sale. Sold as individual packages or as a full lot. £900 - £1450 or £6000 for all 6 Sets
  • Set 1. Tortured Man Set - £900
  • Set 2. Frankenstein Set - £900
  • Set 3. Angry Goblin & Pumpkin Set - £1250
  • Set 4. Cowboy and Pumpkin Set - £1250
  • Set 5. Grim Reaper Set - £1450
  • Set 5. Tortured Man and Frankenstein - £1450
All props and sets in good condition as seen in photos. All props and sets will be touched up and back to as good as new before shipping.

From £900 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 6
5.5ft’by 7ft and 1/4" thick Plexiglass designed for use in Pepper's Ghost Illusion.
Has been used for a show and currently has castors along one long edge and a supporting strut up one short side, both of which can be removed.

There has been a slight scuff on the lower edge – please see the red photo. However, if you wanted to cut it down it will still measure 4.5ft by 6ft.

£300 VAT Free ono

£2255 inc. VAT

| Quantity: 9
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