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Giant fiberglass sun prop. With a happy peaceful face.
About 6ft across and 18" deep.
Has a vintage terracotta / gold paint effect.
It looks really heavy, however it can be moved around by one person.

£250 VAT Free

Giant Sun Prop

£90 +VAT

Set of 6 life-size star wars props which have barely been used to include:
Darth Vader - 7ft
Chewbacca - 7ft
C3PO - 5ft 6inches
Stormtrooper - 6ft
R2D2 - 900mm
Yoda - 720 mm

£4320 inc. VAT each

Star Wars Event Props
| Quantity: 6
HFA Removals
Selection of sporting themed props to include:
Stadium Backdrop
Vintage Golfer
England Footballer
American Footballer
Ferrari Racing Driver peep thru -
Winners Podium

£1800 inc. VAT

Sporting props

£150 VAT Free each

Greek female statue
| Quantity: 2

£50 £40 +VAT each

Greek style headless male torso
| Quantity: 2

£10 +VAT each

Laughing Buddhas Arms Up
| Quantity: 2
HFA Removals
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