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Bright and unique log benches that are made from fibreglass and finished to look like they have been carved from a huge log.
These heavy duty, sturdy benches are ideal for outdoor locations being extremely strong, hard-wearing and waterproof.
The benches are in good condition with just a few minor scrapes and scratches.

£2160 including VAT

Tree / Log Benches
Selection of sporting themed props to include:
Stadium Backdrop
Vintage Golfer
England Footballer
American Footballer
Ferrari Racing Driver peep thru -
Winners Podium

£1800 including VAT

Sporting props
Outdoor Theme Park Large Dinosaur Props including Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Camasaurus, Triceratops, Venifer, T rex, eggs, bones and crates

£4500 VAT Free

Outside Dinosaur Props
| Quantity: 12
A pair of resin penguins.

£100 +VAT

HFA Removals
Giant fiberglass sun prop. With a happy peaceful face.
About 6ft across and 18" deep.
Has a vintage terracotta / gold paint effect.
It looks really heavy, however it can be moved around by one person.

£300 VAT Free

Giant Sun Prop
Approx. 10 Inches tall

£30 +VAT

3 Mini Indian Statues
| Quantity: 3

£420 £200 +VAT ono

Greek armless female figure
| Quantity: 5

£150 VAT Free

Greek female statue
| Quantity: 2

£50 £40 +VAT

Greek style headless male torso
| Quantity: 2

£10 +VAT

Laughing Buddhas Arms Up
| Quantity: 2
HFA Removals