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This attractive fruit machine is based on the classic space invaders arcade game and comes with multiple features which will provide added entertainment within your pub or games room.

£450 VAT Free

Fruit machine for sale

The Cube Game Show

Price: £14000 including VAT
The Cube Game Show
The cube game show up for sale earn up to 2500 per night all included in this sell is full cube sound & light and staging see pics for more detail or tel 0872371478

£14000 including VAT

The Cube Game Show
We have for sale a Konami Euromix Dance Stage 2. FULLY WORKING / OPERATIONAL.
All lights work, all foot paddle switches work. This has recently been totally overhauled and serviced with TFT monitor conversion upgrade, new power supply and new CD ROM drive. In great working condition with many classic songs.
We can demonstrate the machine in our warehouse, as the machine is used /second hand we cannot offer any warranty once it leaves us.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1250 +VAT

Konami Euromix 2 Dance Stage Machine
HFA Removals
Deluxe 42" Arcade Machine. Fantastically priced Aliens Extermination twin gun arcade game. Fully serviced and in great condition, this game is a fantastic money earner. Kids and adults alike, cannot resist popping two pounds a go to get disembowelled by those lovely money making Aliens.

Not Just Another Bug Hunt!

It's been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV-426 and the Alien population behind. It's time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters…and more!

The world seems familiar, but the scenario is not. Since the Marine's last visit, the “Wheland Yutan Corporation”, reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything from getting in the way from the Company's development of their deadly Bio Weapons. It's not as simple as just killing Mother Alien any more!

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£6000 +VAT

Aliens Extermination Deluxe Arcade Machine
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