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£4500 VAT Free

Outside Dinosaur Props
| Quantity: 12
This animatronic 4 metre long dinosaur is in perfect condition and only used for a hand full of events.
Perfect if you are looking for an attraction to start a business for parties and/or events or just to add to your current event hires.
This dinosaur was sourced from one of the best manufacturers in China and it is one of the best seen in the UK.

£3000 VAT Free

Animatronic dinosaur for sale
Two inflatable dinosaurs props. Ideal for celebrating the anniversary of Jurassic park!
The one that could be a Tyrannosaurus is 50ft long and 30ft high.
The baby is only 25ft long and 20ft high.
Surprisingly they are inflatable and made of ripstop nylon, although you would not know it as they peer over hedges.
They are easy to transport as they can fit into an estate car with ease.
It takes one person a few mins to inflate.

£5000 VAT Free

Dinosaur Gate keeper
Ex mini golf display animatronic robot, runs from a 12v psu and PIR Sensor fully working, collection only, egg opens dinosaur lunges forward and move side to side

£975 including VAT

Animatronic ,Robot, Unique ,dinosaur In Egg Display Prop,moving
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