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Giant wooden walk through key hole prop Ex hire
Made from Plywood. 12 mm plywood and flexi-ply. 3D brass effect texture added using wooden decals covered in textured paint.
Two removable triangle sides if needed for extra balance. 4 holes at the back to add marquee weights if needed.

£1500 inc. VAT

Lion headpiece papier-mâché,rag, wool head 32cm length with mane 75cm.
'Bottom' Donkey head Fits adult head. Purple, black and white Painted papier-mâché 60x45cm. Ear damaged but could be repaired.
Made for 2020 Production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

£10 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 2
Many assorted styles textured plastic sheets
Made by Vacuum forming (vac form)
Brickwork, roof tiles, stone, plaster work, ice effect etc

£100 +VAT ono

Giant wedge of cheese with holes sitting on a caravan chassis (fixed / welded).
Exterior is yellow and waterproof. Interior is a horseshoe shaped space with an entrance door and an exit door. Can easily house 4-5 people. Black and white illustrations are painted on the inside, which is sectioned off into smaller areas by sliding doors. There is also a small storage space via an inner door at the large end of the wedge. Battery connectors (for a car / leisure battery) provide power for the indoor lighting (batteries not included).
Comes with curtains for the holes, spare wheel and bespoke tarp cover made to fit the cheese (all included in price).

£4499 VAT Free ono

From the UK touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
This is a three wheeler bike specially constructed with a cage on it. The cage is detachable (bolted on).
The roof would need some love and attention (which we may do if it isn't sold as it hires out to pantos etc.)
It has electromagnets attached at the top as originally it had a cloth attached with the 'nice' sweetshop drape which was disconnected when the children climbed in allowing the drape to fall. We do not have the drape sadly but all is in place if an electrical person wanted to reinstate it.

£2950 £2655 VAT Free

Tandem attached to board. From the UK touring show of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The 2 spies used it.
It can be pulled across a stage by rope or wire with the actors pedalling like beggary, or as we used it in panto, stationary with people running behind it with scenery while the actors pedalled.
Good fun prop.

£750 £675 VAT Free

This was made for our touring show of Hancock's Half Hour, Galton and Simpson Playhouses and the Goons Show.
The mics are made up to look like old style BBC mics and are not working mics.
4 microphones with stands and one desk mic with stand.
One props table with 'On Air' light (which is detachable from the table). The light is wired up to a standard plug. The table is on wheels and easily trundled into place.

£350 £315 VAT Free

Ex military tannoy system. In original box.
Used in the stage production of 'Across The Andes By Frog' (Ripping Yarns).
This did work but will possibly need someone with an electrical bent to get it fully going (although like all this type of equipment, it is quite basic).

£35 £32 VAT Free

This show ‘searchlight’ is custom made in aluminium so is relatively lightweight. - easy 2 man lift.
The searchlight has 3 bars of 6 par36 ‘blinders’, barn doors and gel on a mesh frame.
It has an adjustable flying frame and comes on its own travel cart.
In good working order, just needs a bit of tlc with a paintbrush and some WD40 for the flying frame.
£400 VAT Free each or £700 for both

£360 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 2
Complete Scenery Set For CATS Musical including Car and Boat.

All you need to fill a reasonably sized stage for a standard junkyard themed CATS production.

Props included:

Oversize spoon. Top hat to sit on. Tridents. Growltiger boat.

£1200 +VAT

Pepper's Ghost is a 19th-century stage illusion, based on basic optical principles.
5.5ft’by 7ft and 1/4" thick Plexiglass.
Has been used for a show and currently has castors along one long edge and a supporting strut up one short side, both of which can be removed.

£300 VAT Free ono

New and boxed Long Nose Chrome Par 46 Chrome Procan LED Lanterns with 20 watt (Can be lower wattage, or different lamp Colour temperatures, ask for quote), Barndoor, Low Voltage extension lead, in-line switch, Power Supply and Chrome stand. Suitable for studio, window display, home, or office, makes a great statement piece. Adjustable height, 3 section chrome tripod stand. Very light weight. Trade discount on Quantity purchase. (4 +)

£199 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 10
Specially made Usherette Tray for Sale
Lined in velvet with gold detail
Size – approx. 60cmx45cmx13cm

£100 £40 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Solve all your short term furnishing/dressing problems.
Chairs, Tables, Lamps, Art, Antique Furnishings, Drapes
All these items are available to rent catering to specific needs, whether it's a party or a more formal function.
Hotels, theatre, film, photo shoots and many more applications


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