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Commedia dell'arte performance masks, six stock characters.
Characters. The Captain, The Doctor, Pantalone, Zanni, Panchinello and Harlequin.
Practical, tough light weight masks ideal for Theatre company or Drama workshops or school/college drama activity.
Used but in good condition.
Sold as a set.

£150 VAT Free

The original Spitting Image puppet of Sir Denis Thatcher.
This has been donated (by me I hasten to add) to raise money for The Arches Theatre.
Very collectable and like the Alan Bennett puppet, the only one you will ever get!

£3950 VAT Free

From the original TV series of Spitting Image.
Alan Bennett.
The original and only puppet made of him.
Very collectable.
This sale is to specifically raise money for The Arches Theatre.

£2950 VAT Free

This is about 12" tall and is a kind of door stop although we never used it as such.
Part of our Laurel and Hardy collection.
Fun to have around.

£25 VAT Free

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