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Theme Park top quality Mascot costume. Imported from ... Manufactured by Alinco in USA.
As New ....Worn just once for 30mins indoors only. Costume still in original bags, with hanger in original box.
To Buy now its around $1900 (£1400) including customs tax, shipping etc
Costume includes all as seen Oversize Head, Body, Hands, waistcoat, Hat, Feet, and Bow Tie, also includes unopened 'Mascot Care Kit'
The wearer sees through the mouth which allows for the best vision possible . Made with the finest materials, he'll withstand any activity!
You are welcome to come and view (and try on) He is 'Adult' size and will fit most people

£400 VAT Free

Rabbit costume for sale
Barristers - Black Gown, wig, tabs and bags, one red and one blue.
Gown well worn.
All originally from Ede & Ravenscroft.
Not used since 1997 but kept carefully since then.


A Lawyer At Large, Barristers - Black Gown - Norwich

Sold Giant LED Masquerade Ball Mask - Surrey

Price: £200 VAT Free
Giant Masquerade Mask
Thanks once again for helping me to sell more themed event items!

£200 VAT Free

Giant Masquerade Mask
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items