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LED Jute Trees.
120cm high. Bendable branches with warm led lights.
Take 3 x AA Batteries.
brand new and never used. All still in boxes. (2 per box)
Ideal for table centres.

£400 +VAT

LED trees for sale
| Quantity: 32
We are selling these 3 trees together. They each cost £900 to make so you are getting a bargain!
The trees have steel trunk/branches. The finer branches and leaves are plastic and can be manipulated into desired position.
Their heights range from approx 6-8 foot, depending how how the branches are arranged.

£350 inc. VAT ono

3x Artificial Trees prop manchester
| Quantity: 3
Fake Plants Inc.
Red flowing ivy, Orange flowing ivy, green Iv, ivy clusters, yellow flowing ivy.
Bunches of flowers, marigold, poppy, purple bunches.
Red wheat, dark red feathery, Lavender

£984 £798 VAT Free

Artificial flowers and Ivy
I have 3x 3 meter high Led Cherry trees around 5 years old use once per year for 3 weeks, they are fixed into planters with castors. but could be removed to fix to the ground.

£275 £250 inc. VAT ono each

3 Metre LED Cherry Trees
| Quantity: 3
HFA Removals
Decorative Bay Trees Potted Various

£40 +VAT ono each

Artificial plants for sale
| Quantity: 10
Up lighters for plants.
Ideal for dressing your venue.
Gives the wow factor.

£22.50 +VAT each

Plant lights
| Quantity: 5

£600 inc. VAT each

Artificial boxwood hedging
| Quantity: 10

£650 £550 VAT Free

Artificial trees with plannters
| Quantity: 10

£120 inc. VAT

White Twig (Mazanita) Trees - Manchester
| Quantity: 12

£400 +VAT

Topiary Trees for sale
| Quantity: 30

£130 +VAT each

Silk Palm Trees
| Quantity: 8

£3 +VAT each

Red silk flower stems
| Quantity: 283

£5 +VAT each

Gold silk flower stems
| Quantity: 484
HFA Removals
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