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The daggers are made from carbon steel and would be suitable for stage combat. The edges are blunted and rounded but the point is sharp and could do with being rounded off for combat needs.

£45 +VAT

Stage daggers for sale
| Quantity: 2
Quirky Gothic / church style round poseur table with a solid Beech top of 120cm diameter and overall height of 109cm.
Supplied structurally sound.

£195 £99 +VAT

High tables for sale
Castle Set/Prop 8m wide x 3.5m high
Sale includes all wall panels, door panel (non working) and coat of arms
Made from exterior ply and clad with 0.5mm pvc vac formed brickwork panels Includes extending side walls x 2 made to hold 8x6 projection screens (screens not included)

£1000 £800 +VAT ono

Castle prop for sale
6 units finished in satin black available .
Less than 3 months old, and have only been used on 2 hires
Fully working
Splits into two sections easily for transport.

£700 +VAT ono each

Gas Flambeaux for sale
| Quantity: 6
HFA Removals

£1500 VAT Free

Black Winged Chair

£75 VAT Free

2x Giant Candelabra
| Quantity: 2

£8 +VAT each

5 arm chandelier
| Quantity: 4

£1500 inc. VAT ono

Amazing Unique Chandelier

£1170 £945 VAT Free ono

Glass candelabras
| Quantity: 39
HFA Removals
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