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Chinese Dragon, 2 x Large Ceramic Heavy Black Vases for Bamboo Entrance, Chinese Bamboo Table Mats
15 x Large Red Silk Hanging Lanterns, 2 x Shoji Screens, Red Oriental Banners, Boxes of Oriental Vases for Table Centres

£1895 VAT Free

Chinese dragon for sale
Carved from a single piece of very heavy red wood
Beautifully decorated and gilded
Size: 4 ft. long and heavy
Ideal for a Restaurant, Pub or Hotel

£750 £495 VAT Free each

decorative dragon
| Quantity: 2
HFA Removals

£130 VAT Free ono

Chinese parasols for sale
| Quantity: 26
SOLD I'm extremely happy with your site and highly recommend to everyone. Many thanks, Timi

£1 +VAT

Pair 2 Sawasdee Thai Lady Statues

£150 inc. VAT

Chinese Lanterns for sale
| Quantity: 22

£2.50 +VAT each

4x Chinese Lanterns - Edinburgh
| Quantity: 4
HFA Removals
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