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Vintage bell tent (some say you can sleep 21 people in it, feet at the middle!). We have had this for many years. It is an off white colour, needs some sewing between the wall and the roof part in one or two places; has been stored in dry conditions. great for camping/film props etc.

£200 VAT Free ono

Old bell tent for sale
Giant fibreglass sea horse would look good in a sea food restaurant or sea themed party.

£75 +VAT

Sea horse prop Giant
This is a 5m x 2.5m beach shack that was used for 2 summers as part of an installation as a burger shack.
It comes with a built up floor with a professional wipe clean surface which breaks up into meter sections. The whole building collapses into 6 separate sections that get bolted together to form the whole structure. There is a door at one far end of the structure and 5 windows/serving hatches built in leaving one solid wall.

£1500 VAT Free ono

Bamboo shack
HFA Removals

£33 +VAT ono

Used deck chairs for sale
| Quantity: 80
Small Bowl coral – 30x10x13cm
Antler Coral – 16x31x5cm
Coral clusters (Small) - 12x12x7cm
Small Bowls – 13x4cm
Large Antler Coral – 20x40x18cm
Large Cluster Coral – 30x30x18cm
Giant Coral Bowls – 45x20cm
Big Shells (Natural) x 6 pairs 30x15cm
Assorted shells 2 x big bags

£1750 VAT Free ono

Large collection of artificial coral
4 great vintage/shabby chic Deck Chairs in a grey/blue ticking stripes/limewashed effect frame
Lovely fringing and cushion detail
Selling at £40 (list is £90!)

£40 +VAT

Vintage Deckchairs
| Quantity: 4

£329 +VAT

Giant Deckchairs