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Fabulous Pirate model standing with his foot on a replica barrel. He has knives attached to his belt and a metal sword. The rope-work around the barrel is incredibly realistic.
Replica Cannon is 6ft long and is superbly detailed.
High quality, durable, cold cast poly-resin & fibre-glass.
In as new condition, only a few months old & only used for display purposes at a single location.

£450 +VAT

Pirate resin figure
Ropes roof overlays 40mm synthetic hemp rope with professionally spliced ends shown in a 15m by 24m tent
12 sliced ropes with loops and 12 ropes with sealed ends
Made from 2 of 220 yards of rope
Cost for the ropes and splicing to us - over £2.3K

£700 +VAT

Hanging baskets wedding theming
Wooden Canoe 16ft
Makes an amazing food or champagne station
Water tight but I don’t think river worthy.
Can be lifted by two people

£250 +VAT

Boat buffet
Ex hire southsea deckchairs, blue and white strip slings with hardwood frames, excellent quality deckchairs with retail price of over £100 each.
These are ex hire so have a few scuffs and marks but nothing excessive and will do many more years of use, only selling due to closure of hire business.
Open to sensible offers only.

£33 +VAT ono

Ex hire southsea deckchairs
| Quantity: 115
HFA Removals
Seaside Themed Hut
Red and White Stripes (excludes ring)
Approx. 6.5ft high

£150 +VAT

Beach hut prop in red and white
| Quantity: 4
Giant fibreglass sea horse would look good in a sea food restaurant or sea themed party.

£75 +VAT

Sea horse prop Giant
This is a 5m x 2.5m beach shack that was used for 2 summers as part of an installation as a burger shack.
It comes with a built up floor with a professional wipe clean surface which breaks up into meter sections. The whole building collapses into 6 separate sections that get bolted together to form the whole structure. There is a door at one far end of the structure and 5 windows/serving hatches built in leaving one solid wall.

£1500 VAT Free ono

Bamboo shack

£33 +VAT ono

Used deck chairs for sale
| Quantity: 80
Small Bowl coral – 30x10x13cm
Antler Coral – 16x31x5cm
Coral clusters (Small) - 12x12x7cm
Small Bowls – 13x4cm
Large Antler Coral – 20x40x18cm
Large Cluster Coral – 30x30x18cm
Giant Coral Bowls – 45x20cm
Big Shells (Natural) x 6 pairs 30x15cm
Assorted shells 2 x big bags

£1750 VAT Free ono

Large collection of artificial coral
4 great vintage/shabby chic Deck Chairs in a grey/blue ticking stripes/limewashed effect frame
Lovely fringing and cushion detail
Selling at £40 (list is £90!)

£40 +VAT

Vintage Deckchairs
| Quantity: 4

£329 +VAT

Giant Deckchairs
HFA Removals
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