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Bought in for a project but never used
Prepare unlimited mounds of fresh, fluffy, hot popcorn for your customers with this 8oz Classic Popcorn Maker, designed for durability and frequent use
760W x 385D x 1530H (mm)
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£450 including VAT

New Professional 8oz Red Classic Popcorn Maker Cart
| Ref #: e287c8376f23
Fabulous retro game that would include all the family and not just individuals sitting around isolated staring at screens in their rooms. Obviously don’t have to wait till Summer to play, play in the hallway, living area, garage or your indoor croquet lawn. Game includes 8 skittles and a 9th lead with the red head. Two wooden balls. Ideal fun game for Christmas.
Dimensions Height of skittles 23.5cm

£50 +VAT

Antique Garden Skittles
| Ref #: 589471f733cd
£30 for 2 Used but decent condition, adjustable up to 110cm

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£15 +VAT

Flower stands
| Ref #: abd6d70e25c5
Due to new business interests and the sale of our company, we are selling our stock.
20 x 70cm Martini glasses - purchased 23/04/14 - purchased specifically for one event and only been used twice since. Still in boxes - £10 + VAT each
We also have for sale 18 x circular mirrored bases - used once. Condition - AS NEW - £18 + VAT each

£10 +VAT

Martini Glasses and Mirrored Bases
| Ref #: 2fb16688867b

Grey Concord Stool - Glasgow

Price: £30 +VAT
Grey Concord Stool
Material: polyethylene.
Dimensions : W 42 cm x D 36 cm x H 73 cm
Characteristics : Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Ex hire stock with some wear and tear
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£30 +VAT

Grey Concord Stool
| Ref #: bf534bd5f552
Deluxe 42" Arcade Machine. Fantastically priced Aliens Extermination twin gun arcade game. Fully serviced and in great condition, this game is a fantastic money earner. Kids and adults alike, cannot resist popping two pounds a go to get disembowelled by those lovely money making Aliens.

Not Just Another Bug Hunt!

It's been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV-426 and the Alien population behind. It's time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters…and more!

The world seems familiar, but the scenario is not. Since the Marine's last visit, the “Wheland Yutan Corporation”, reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything from getting in the way from the Company's development of their deadly Bio Weapons. It's not as simple as just killing Mother Alien any more!

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£6000 +VAT

Aliens Extermination Deluxe Arcade Machine
| Ref #: e90396145b07
4 excellent condition Roman Pillars. Made from wood and white casement so are very light.
Make great entrance pieces for a variety of functions and can take an up-lighter inside for an added feature.

£65 +VAT

Roman pillars for sale
| Ref #: 32a8f97efc5b

Handmade Rustic Oak Benches - Dorset

Price: £125 ono VAT Free
Handmade Rustic Oak Benches
I had these benches made for a one off job for a specific client and they are now surplus to requirements. Made from solid English oak, measuring 6 feet long with a 'live' edge.
They have been finished with teak oil so have an enhanced natural look and feel. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Available to buy individually but I would consider a job lot offer. Please feel free to ring or email with any questions.
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£125 ono VAT Free

Handmade Rustic Oak Benches
| Ref #: 6bdc6200a6de

3x Large Burlesque Flats - Wiltshire

Price: £54 £50 +VAT
Large Burlesque Flats
A trio of complimentary burlesque hooped figures with hanging points to suspend from
Size: Approx. 1m x 1m
Material: Plastic
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£54 £50 +VAT

Large Burlesque Flats
| Ref #: 8b9f9151b575
Vintage caravan photobooth; 1962 ci cadet vintage caravan (modified to be used as a photobooth, with high quality accessories)
Inflatable pub; The 'Air of The Dog' 5.5m width 5m depth 5m height
Mercedes sprinter van; 143,000 miles, recently taxed, good condition, full working order
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£12500 ono VAT Free

Small Business For Sale Vintage Caravan Photobooth
| Ref #: 72af083d5982
A very popular 3 piece easy setup free standing set construction of plywood and painted canvas.

Pink and silver sparkly castle in really good condition.

Tallest/longest section 3.1 metres.

Pink castle for sale only. All other items in the picture are not for sale.

£300 ono VAT Free

Pink Princess Castle Free standing stage set
| Ref #: 2a0a6db14034

Sold Indian Carved Pillars - Leicestershire

Price: £1100 +VAT ono
Carved Indian pillars - Mandap
We are selling a full set of pillars that have been used to create mandaps for Asian Weddings and canopies and backdrops for top tables.
The set comprises of all the panels to make a 4 pillar or 6 pillar mandap or open mandap, 10 pillars, an archway and 6 large pedestals to hold.
Recently repainted and revitalised, the mandap is in great condition.
Excellent for weddings or Bollywood themed events.
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£1100 +VAT ono

Carved Indian pillars - Mandap
| Ref #: f4a429883051

Sold 7ft Resin Gold Angel Statue Prop - Surrey

Price: £350 VAT Free
Gold resin statue
Great for Heaven & Hell events, ancient greek, Roman ruins, VIP Areas, etc, etc...

Highly detailed and looks like a real gold statue!

Wings can be removed for transport / storage.

Original cost was £895. In perfect condition.

£350 VAT Free

Gold resin statue
| Ref #: 0abb6455c04a

Sold Children's Gypsy Waggon - London NW2

Price: £850 +VAT
Children's Gypsy Waggon
Beautiful make on genuine solid metal rolling chassis. Very detailed!!!
Size: height: 2.4 meters, width: 1.4 meters, depth: 2.4 meters.
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£850 +VAT

Children's Gypsy Waggon
| Ref #: d2b4146e698b
Bird cages 9 of these all sizes, mostly white
Great for home decor, business, weddings, garden
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£12 VAT Free

Decorative Bird Cages
| Ref #: 9fc4df537bc7

Sold Black LED Xmas Trees - Leicester

Price: £15 +VAT ono
Black LED Xmas Trees
6 x Argos Black pre lit Xmas trees LED 5FT tall
Used for last Xmas in very good condition
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£15 +VAT ono

Black LED Xmas Trees
| Ref #: f9ced7aa9175

Silver and Gold Vases - Birmingham

Price: £40 VAT Free
Silver and Gold Vases
50 x 70cm Bespoke Chrome silver and Rose Gold vases finished with crystal jewels at the bottom. Finished to a high standard.
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£40 VAT Free

Silver and Gold Vases
| Ref #: 43aba60a0dc9

£15 +VAT

Collection of candle Lanterns .
| Ref #: 8db4521b20f0
I have for sale:
  • 100x White Damask Chair Covers round top approx. 100, White - £3.50 each
  • Ivory Damask Chair Covers approx. 120 - £3.50 each
  • Ivory Damask table cloths 120 inch round approx. 12 - £5.00 each
  • Ivory Damask Table cloths large approx. 8, size 70 x 108 - £5.00 each
  • Ivory plain Chair Cover approx. 120 round top - £3.00 each
  • Matching tablecloths approx. 20 various oblong sizes - £4.00 each
  • Black Damask Chair Covers 67 square top - £3.50 each

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£3000 ono VAT Free

White themed wedding decor
| Ref #: 4efd8748a3c6
This impressive lacquered finish bar with laminate sides bolts together with a connecting colour changing wifi lighting system, change the colour from your phone or tablet.
Comes with 4 x 1.5 sinks.
Please note this bar is in used condition but still goes out for high end corporate functions as a real focal piece.
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£5500 £4300 +VAT

Round LED Portable Bar
| Ref #: 720adc33a0db
Classic in design and finish. These picture lights would enhance any piece of art that needs highlighting.
Bit of a gentlemans club feel to them.
These are just a few lights taken from our huge in-store range.

£25 +VAT

Polished Brass Picture Lights
| Ref #: 46d93478d4e2
Used but in good condition. acrylic mirrored table tops.
Looking to sell all to single buyer.

£80 +VAT ono

MIrror table top for sale
| Ref #: 904ed66a30bf

Sold 2x Giant Candelabra - Worcester

Price: £75 VAT Free
2x Giant Candelabra
Giant Candelabra for corporate events /weddings.
100cm tall and 70cm x70cm across
Made of Al so quite light.
To clear £75 for the pair .
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£75 VAT Free

2x Giant Candelabra
| Ref #: ce939fd510df
Limited stock so first come first served
2 x 3m Gold, Blue, Ice White, Gold Brand New £120 each Used £90 Each
2 x 6m Gold, Blue, Ice White, Gold Brand New £170 each Used £140 Each

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£90 +VAT

LED House lights
| Ref #: 49dcbc90777e
The equipment was of new from Photobooths Uk
There are two Oval photo Booths, one Magic Mirror Mini and a 16 foot black LED dance floor 16ftx16ft.
The booths are fully loaded with apple mac, green screen, facial recognition and Maroake, the Magic Mirror has a different computer system but is fully loaded and can be used with green screen. The booths are fifteen months old and the Mirror is under twelve months old.
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£5000 VAT Free

Items For Sale
| Ref #: 3f4d854109e7
Price £200 for 10 pots

Bases come off for easy storage

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£20 +VAT

White Floral Urns
| Ref #: 8fc7ecd0893a
This is a brand new and still in its packing Halfmoon stage. You can see in the pics the pattern and the quality. In built lights. We ordered few stages few months ago from India. You can make this money out from just two hires. We have another consignment coming soon and require space. We are selling this brand new Halfmoon stage and a used ivory and gold sofa. Viewing is welcomed.

The pictures of the decorated Halfmoon is similar to the one I'm selling. I have used those pics to show the design. The one which is being sold is never used. Good investment!!

£2700 +VAT

Indian Wedding Stage
| Ref #: 85d08ab2a263

Sold 6m x 10m (20ft x 32ft) Maharaja Indian tent

Price: £3500 VAT Free
Indian Wedding Marquee for sale
Stunning tent on a traditional pole frame with pretty inner lining and detachable walls and detachable border.
Also includes the drapes, finials and tassels etc.
Excellent condition, good quality canvas that is waterproof.
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£3500 VAT Free

Indian Wedding Marquee for sale
| Ref #: a399ab80f632
A chance to bring out the inner Princess in you. Ready to hang and with weights sewn into the hem.
Think a coronet over the bed with these drapes cascading around the head of the bed. Maybe hang along a wall instead of using wallpaper/paint for texture.
Just use your imagination. The sheen is a sort of Sci-Fi fairytale fantasy meets hi-camp stage glamour. Have fun.

£5 +VAT

Silver Sheen Wall Drapes
| Ref #: 3f8eb5fb1b34

£100 +VAT

Indian backdrop
| Ref #: ed36b6ee076e
Size 80cm high x 44cm wide

Price £200 for 2 very good condition

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£100 +VAT

Horn Style Pillars
| Ref #: ac3ba2013f54
Approx. 10 Inches tall each, £30 for all 3, broken foot on one

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£30 +VAT

3 Mini Indian Statues
| Ref #: 9e4ffc05a7e9
These are second hand ex-hire stock items. I would recommend coming to view these products before purchasing. Made from a translucent polyethylene plastic.
This furniture is lit using LED dome lights. The dome lights are battery powered, but charge using a 13amp 3 pin plug. Once charged the lights last for about 4 hours. Chargers and remotes will be supplied. I will supply additional dome lights to make up for the short battery life on the dome lights. Each coffee table requires 3 dome lights and each curved bench requires 2 dome lights to be illuminated successfully.
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£550 +VAT ono

Illuminating Curved Benches
| Ref #: da6af1439e02

Gas Flambeaux - Cheshire

Price: £800 +VAT
Gas Flambeaux
6 units finished in black available .
Less than 3 months old.
Fully working and easily take apart for transport.
Price £800.00 + VAT each or £1500.00 +VAT pair.
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£800 +VAT

Gas Flambeaux
| Ref #: 6ac51dd56401
Three beautifully crafted ornate features that hang from the wall. Hand carved by expert tradesmen using high quality wooden materials. They depict scenes of elephants, the forest and the far east.
Visually stunning with an 3D effect they have to be seen to be believed.
Nothing like this has come on the market before and may never come again so early viewing would be advised to avoid disappointment.
Buyer needs to dismount them from wall and collection from Bedford only.
Price is £3000.00 per unit or £8500.00 for all three.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£3000 including VAT

3D Hand Carved Wall-painting with Solid Wood Frame
| Ref #: 3495c7c363b1

Silk Palm Trees - Birmingham

Price: £130 +VAT
Silk Palm Trees
8x 10ft tall approx. Price £130 each
8x Pots for silk palm Trees Price £15 each

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£130 +VAT

Silk Palm Trees
| Ref #: bea00494ed6a

3x Large Swords - Earlswood, Solihull

Price: £300 VAT Free
Used large sword props
Ex-royal ballet 8m long very well made from risen

£300 VAT Free

Used large sword props
| Ref #: b03bc29be81f
Solve all your short term furnishing/dressing problems.
Chairs, Tables, Lamps, Art, Antique Furnishings, Drapes
All these items are available to rent catering to specific needs, whether it's a party or a more formal function.
Hotels, theatre, film, photo shoots and many more applications


House dresing
| Ref #: 60751fe23eed

£50 including VAT

Large Metal well-built sign 'ROASTS'.
| Ref #: e9115991380a
LOVE top table
painted, fronts glittered and hardened.
1 in red and 2nd in purple
Can be repainted in colours of your choice easily.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£195 +VAT

'Love' Top Table Centrepiece
| Ref #: 76d1ebd9f34d

This is a set of giant cards - each 6ft tall.

Self standing, or can be hung from walls, roof, etc...

Made from very thick card. Fold down for storage / transportation.

A high impact themed prop that takes seconds to instal in your venue and will totally transform it for your themed event.

Perfect for any James Bond, Casino or Las Vegas event!

Bargain - £100 for the full set of 4 cards.

£100 VAT Free

Blond Club themed playing card
| Ref #: 52834d77be7b
Three Medieval Marquees in white.
These stunning marquees will make any event special and take only two men 45 minutes to erect.
One is 22 feet base diameter, Two are 16 feet base diameter.
Made from traditional canvas and are made to an exact replica of a medieval field tent.
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£5500 VAT Free

Medieval Marquees For Sale
| Ref #: 4da04f04385b
For sale I have 3 x 2m by 2m white ball pits (600mm high) with approximately 6,500 white balls each (5.5cm).
The pit was manufactured by the Soft Bricks company and has been used once on a corporate event.
RRP around £1000 ex VAT

£800 +VAT ono

2m x 2m x 60cm white ball pits
| Ref #: efc692007e8a

Sold Fun Casino Equipment - Southampton

Price: £200 ono including VAT
Fun Casino equipment
I have the following used Fun Casino equipment for sale, this can be either sold all together or each item separately. The tables do show the usual wear and tear but are still presentable and are still able to be used for events.

1 x Refurbished Full Size John Huxley Roulette Wheel - £850 ono

1 x Roulette Table - £200 ono

1 x Full Size Money Wheel with Money Wheel Table - £400 ono

2 x Black Jack Table- £200 Each

1 x Roulette Table - £200 ono

£200 ono including VAT

Fun Casino equipment
| Ref #: 45432bfcc80a
Large variety of wedding vases consisting of , 8 large 70cm 5 medium 60cm 4 small 50cm martini vases some with candles in. 22 glasses,12 gold small,11 silver bowl , 5 battery operated gold, 5 med gold and 5 small gold candle holders. 15 round glass plates 14 square glass plates ,variety of 100 different tea lights,2 large gold candles and 2 large heart gold candles. Used once for my wedding.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£350 ono including VAT

Martini Vases
| Ref #: dd4cff40e88e

Sold Giant Oscar Statue - Hertfordshire

Price: £150 +VAT
Giant Oscar Statue for sale
Approx 86" tall, inc base, these have been used as props in Hollywood themed evenings so may have some marks.

2 available

£150 +VAT

Giant Oscar Statue for sale
| Ref #: a036ba99cb3e
A selection of club style cube furniture manufactured by Flexfurn from the Kubo range. Used for 1 year of events in an event space only (circa 20 events) white aluminium with both white leather and anthracite seat pads. 24 cubes, 6 benches (3 cubes wide) 5 coffee tables, 8 Bar stools and 2 trapezoid ABS textured plastic poseurs - total separate purchase price £3500+
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£2000 ono VAT Free

Selection of Flexfurn Kubo Furniture
| Ref #: ad3faf9977f4
Genuine Vulcan bomber swivel navigator seat
Removed in the 1980s from XM574
Stripped and vapour blasted back to its raw material of magnesium and duralumin
Trimmed in tan leather and new solid brass caster wheels fitted so it rolls along the floor
Ideal office or gaming chair
You will never find another one of these!
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£8000 ono VAT Free

Repurposed Genuine Vulcan bomber swivel navigator seat
| Ref #: b16056c44a02

Sold Silk Plant For Sale - Leicester

Price: £30 +VAT
Silk Plant For Sale - Leicester
Various artificial trees for sale 1.5m to 2.2m
Various bushes
Click here for more info and contact details......

£30 +VAT

Silk Plant For Sale - Leicester
| Ref #: 41c2b7f7e326
Here we have two parts of the same aeroplane although now painted as though they are different aircraft. Works on standard inflatable blowers (not included)
Would look great on the top of your factory or back on stage where it belongs.
Will split. price is per pc
Tail 30' (10m) long
Cockpit and wings 30' (10m) wide NB Backdrop not included

£600 +VAT ono

Large Inflatable Aeroplane Ex Stage Prop
| Ref #: b44a550cef4c