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We have approx. 58 candelabras about 26 are brand new and the others have been used no more than 5 times

£28 each

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£28 +VAT

5 Arm Candelabras
| Ref #: 891a4468e8cf
Need to be sold in one batch

Used but in good condition

£26 Each

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£26 +VAT

5 Arm Silver Candelabras
| Ref #: c1a34cf9b3d7

Sold Giant LED Masquerade Ball Mask - Surrey

Price: £200 VAT Free
Giant Masquerade Mask
3x Giant Masquerade Masks with built in LED lights

Roughly 6ft x 5ft in size.

Look fantastic when used together as a set.

Custom made so you will never find any like this again.

I will include some touch-up paint in case you ever need it.

Excellent condition and will completely transform a venue for a glamorous masquerade ball.

£200 VAT Free

Giant Masquerade Mask
| Ref #: 9c7bbed0fa97

LED Stool / Side Table - Cardiff

Price: £60 ono VAT Free
LED Furniture
LED Furniture Stool / Table

I have 10 of these available all in excellent condition!

They have been used twice so have hardly had any use.

Included is the stool, cushion, power lead and remote.

These can be used as a stool with the cushion or simply take off the cushion and use as a side table. Cushion is padded with a white leather cover.

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£60 ono VAT Free

LED Furniture
| Ref #: 78547e2e3c03

Sold Giant Glitter Film Cameras - York

Price: £500 £150 +VAT
Giant film camera prop
Two giant black glittered film cameras. Complete with stands.

240cm tall and 5ft long.

Minor damage that can be touched up.

Covered with a hard plastic coating and then paint and glitter.

Happy to split the pair.

£500 £150 +VAT

Giant film camera prop
| Ref #: 249e58a2bfdf
This is a one of a kind radio mast (RKO) tower.

Its approximately 23ft high and 9ft square at the base.

It is constructed by bolting each piece together. The picture show the different sections, each of these sections flat pack down. This is an amazing construction and a real eye opener, whether it is used for a theatre prop, an art installation or a talking point at a festival, this is a one off piece.

If you have any questions I would be happy to talk through this amazing structure.

£1500 +VAT

Radio mast prop
| Ref #: 59e251dce88c
6ft backed fully upholstered high wing chair.

Over sized seating pad (can fit two people).

Ideal for Mad Hatters style event or Santa's grotto's.

Brand New.

£500 +VAT

Oversized High Wing chair
| Ref #: 87a9dac6cbb5

Sold Inflatable Santa's Grotto - East London

Price: £700 +VAT ono
Used Inflatable Christmas Events Santa's Grotto
Great for inside and outside. Ideal for renting, schools, corporate events etc.
  • Only used a few times
  • Measurements 4m x 4m, loads of space
  • If new worth £1000.00 including VAT

£700 +VAT ono

Used Inflatable Christmas Events Santa's Grotto
| Ref #: a96313ac34bd

Moroccan Marquee

Price: £9000 +VAT
Moroccan Marquee
We only used it two times and it is in great condition.

The tent is 12x24 metres (40x80ft) and it needs pegging out by another metre or so. When it is down it will fit into the back of a Mercedes Sprinter or Luton Van. The two longest poles are 4.35 metres. Other than the poles everything else is quite compact. The largest section is the roof which folds down into a bag measuring about 1.5 metres square. Because it is all in one section - outer canvas, and interior lining with the waterproof plastic layer in between this is the heaviest bit and needs a couple of people to lift it - the weight of all the different bits together is 850kg.

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£9000 +VAT

Moroccan Marquee
| Ref #: 4fd5948db374

Sold 2x Sound Lab Flames - Heathrow

Price: £250 £212.50 VAT Free
Sound lab flame for sale
Do have cloth but ideally would need a new set

Got bulbs but couple need to be changed

£250 £212.50 VAT Free

Sound lab flame for sale
| Ref #: d0c0b34fb578

Sold Indian Pillar Set - Leicester

Price: £950 +VAT
Indian decorative pillars
Full set carved Indian pillars for sale.

Ideal as a mandap or decorative feature for Bollywood event:

£950 +VAT

Indian decorative pillars
| Ref #: 62b66d1136b1

Garden Planters

Price: £200 +VAT
Garden planters for sale
Cotswold Stone Planter and Stand (Planter in two pieces/Stand one piece)

Please note - these are heavy items

Plants are not included

Price £200 each

£200 +VAT

Garden planters for sale
| Ref #: 952be04ff5f8
Prints suitable for a Mediterranean restaurant

All pictures have been screen printed onto either canvas or ply then hand painted in oil paint to give an authentic artist impression

Each picture new cost over £700

Picture - 1 (wine on a table) – h = 0.90m x w = 0.90m
Picture - 2 (fruit in a bowl) – h = 0.90m x w = 1.19m
Picture - 3 (garlic) – h = 0.90m x w = 1.19m
Picture - 4 (vine tomato’s) – h = 0.90m x w = 0.90m

Reduced to £50 each or £130 for all 4

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£50 VAT Free

Italian French food and wine picture
| Ref #: 2349c4d2385e
Prints suitable for a mediterranean restaurant

All pictures have been screen printed onto either canvas or ply then hand painted in oil paint to give an authentic artist impression

Each picture new cost over £700

Picture 1 (wine & fruit on table) – h = 1.23m x w = 0.99m
Picture 6 (tomatos) – 1.00m x 1.00m
Picture 7 (fruit in a bowl) – h = 0.96m x w = 1.265m

Reduced to £50 each or £100 for all 3

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£50 VAT Free

Mediterranean wine and fruit pictures
| Ref #: d02ab17b12f3

Sold Waiter / Man Figure - London

Price: £20 +VAT
waiter figure
Provides a welcome into your shop, restaurant or event

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£20 +VAT

waiter figure
| Ref #: fe86f317208d

Sold Ethnic Style Paisley For Sale - Leicester

Price: £200 £125 +VAT
Moroccan paisleys for sale
I have 1 8ft ethnic paisley for sale. Made bespoke for a client.

Stunning for Moroccan or Bollywood themed events. Made from wood.

This is in great condition and is perfect to create backdrops or use as a feature pieces in a room.

It is very sturdy so can be used free-standing.

£200 £125 +VAT

Moroccan paisleys for sale
| Ref #: a0092ee3cfaa
700 x 880mm high approx.
£60 each plus vat
PLEASE QUOTE CODE NUMBER when replying NOT ref number
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£60 +VAT

2x Medium size Barrels (Code OT 142.3)
| Ref #: 50267ac8f219

Sold 3d Model of a Dragon - Wiltshire

Price: £300 +VAT
Winged dragon for sale
This 3d model of a Dragon is now surplus to requirements, is in excellent condition, made of cold-cast poly-resin and fibre-glass is an ideal figure for an Arthurian, Fantasty or Mythological scene or theme.

The Dragon sits on a resin pillar, which his tail curls right around, as his talons grip the edge. The detail on this model is really impressive and the wings are removable for transit and storage.

Approximate max dimensions: 79cm x 72cm x 213cm

Approximate weight: 47kgs

£300 +VAT

Winged dragon for sale
| Ref #: c6bb119174d9
1 x Bulls Head
1 x Buffalo Head
1 x Deer Head
Sold as a job lot. All in used condition. The deer's antlers sustained damage during transportation (see pictures) and do need repair. The bull and buffalo heads are usable as they are.

£80 +VAT

Bull, Buffalo and Deer Heads
| Ref #: 44ac9efa3536

Sold 5x Movie Banners for Hollywood Themed Party

Price: £100 VAT Free
Movie themed banners
5 x Movie Banners - 0.76m wide (2ft 6" wide x 2.44m (8ft drop)

Silouette Painted Images of Marilyn Monroe, Whoopie Goldberg, John Travolta, Hugh Grant, James Cagney

NDFR White Canvas with hemmed pocket top and bottom so you can insert and hang from a pole

Good Condition, just a couple of rusty marks from old staples, but this can be painted over easily

£100 VAT Free

Movie themed banners
| Ref #: 2e73540394c8
105cm tall

Stunning looking ideal for table centre pieces

20 available at £65 +VAT each

£65 +VAT

silver candelabras table centrepieces
| Ref #: ed89e1fa1b38

Sold 16M UFO Party Venue - Cornwall

Price: £28000 VAT Free
UFO Marquee for sale
A unique opportunity to buy an amazing and bespoke flying saucer shaped venue.

This structure was designed and built in Cornwall, and is the only one of it's kind in existence. Comprised of a circular structure, with a raised aluminium framed floor on 'Buzon' adjustable feet to level, with inset sunken dance floor, enclosed by 18 aluminium structural beams, held taut by 36 keder edged, shaped, white PVC panels, which slide into rails on the beams to tension.
The structure was built and designed as a venue for festivals and private functions, providing a superb dynamic inside with very much the feel of a solid nightclub rather than a marquee type structure. The UFO has also been utilised as a 'Sci-Fi cinema, and hosted a sit-down comedy performance night with comedians such as 'Kernow King'.

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£28000 VAT Free

UFO Marquee for sale
| Ref #: 1b90c586864c

2x Indian Poufs - Wiltshire

Price: £40 £36 +VAT
Indian Poufs
Burgundy leather poufs

Height: 0.45m, Width: 0.45m

Material: Leather and stuffing

Reduced to £36 each plus vat

£40 £36 +VAT

Indian Poufs
| Ref #: 2e9b16da3ae7

10x Indian Tables - Wiltshire

Price: £50 £45 +VAT
indian table
Wooden tables to match the Indian benches

Height: 0.45m, Width: 0.45m, Depth: 0.45m

Material: Wood

Reduced to Price £45 each plus vat

£50 £45 +VAT

indian table
| Ref #: 5c02b10c8973
12ft Inflatable Projection Sphere - can be floor-based or hung.

PLAIN WHITE IN COLOUR - The pictures show just some of the possibilities for this amazing item, such as:
  • You can project your logo or branding on to this for an amazing effect
  • Can be lit internally to appear any colour you wish - simply add your own LED light inside!
  • Your own image or branding could be printed on to this - Would make an amazing advertising prop!
  • Ideal for projection mapping - See the image with the dolphins as an idea - This could be used as a giant 3D video screen!
Click here for more info.....

£500 VAT Free

12 ft Inflatable Projection Sphere
| Ref #: 3cdccac89e77
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