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Sold 5x Movie Banners for Hollywood Themed Party

Price: £100 VAT Free
Movie themed banners
5 x Movie Banners - 0.76m wide (2ft 6" wide x 2.44m (8ft drop)

Silouette Painted Images of Marilyn Monroe, Whoopie Goldberg, John Travolta, Hugh Grant, James Cagney

NDFR White Canvas with hemmed pocket top and bottom so you can insert and hang from a pole

Good Condition, just a couple of rusty marks from old staples, but this can be painted over easily

£100 VAT Free

Movie themed banners
| Ref #: 2e73540394c8
105cm tall

Stunning looking ideal for table centre pieces

20 available at £65 +VAT each

£65 +VAT

silver candelabras table centrepieces
| Ref #: ed89e1fa1b38

Sold 16M UFO Party Venue - Cornwall

Price: £28000 VAT Free
UFO Marquee for sale
A unique opportunity to buy an amazing and bespoke flying saucer shaped venue.

This structure was designed and built in Cornwall, and is the only one of it's kind in existence. Comprised of a circular structure, with a raised aluminium framed floor on 'Buzon' adjustable feet to level, with inset sunken dance floor, enclosed by 18 aluminium structural beams, held taut by 36 keder edged, shaped, white PVC panels, which slide into rails on the beams to tension.
The structure was built and designed as a venue for festivals and private functions, providing a superb dynamic inside with very much the feel of a solid nightclub rather than a marquee type structure. The UFO has also been utilised as a 'Sci-Fi cinema, and hosted a sit-down comedy performance night with comedians such as 'Kernow King'.

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£28000 VAT Free

UFO Marquee for sale
| Ref #: 1b90c586864c

2x Indian Poufs - Wiltshire

Price: £40 £36 +VAT
Indian Poufs
Burgundy leather poufs

Height: 0.45m, Width: 0.45m

Material: Leather and stuffing

Reduced to £36 each plus vat

£40 £36 +VAT

Indian Poufs
| Ref #: 2e9b16da3ae7
12ft Inflatable Projection Sphere - can be floor-based or hung.

PLAIN WHITE IN COLOUR - The pictures show just some of the possibilities for this amazing item, such as:
  • You can project your logo or branding on to this for an amazing effect
  • Can be lit internally to appear any colour you wish - simply add your own LED light inside!
  • Your own image or branding could be printed on to this - Would make an amazing advertising prop!
  • Ideal for projection mapping - See the image with the dolphins as an idea - This could be used as a giant 3D video screen!
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£500 VAT Free

12 ft Inflatable Projection Sphere
| Ref #: 3cdccac89e77
Deluxe 42" Arcade Machine. Fantastically priced Aliens Extermination twin gun arcade game. Fully serviced and in great condition, this game is a fantastic money earner. Kids and adults alike, cannot resist popping two pounds a go to get disembowelled by those lovely money making Aliens.

Not Just Another Bug Hunt!

It's been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV-426 and the Alien population behind. It's time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters…and more!

The world seems familiar, but the scenario is not. Since the Marine's last visit, the “Wheland Yutan Corporation”, reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything from getting in the way from the Company's development of their deadly Bio Weapons. It's not as simple as just killing Mother Alien any more!

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£6000 +VAT

Aliens Extermination Deluxe Arcade Machine
| Ref #: e90396145b07

Sold Photobooth For Sale - Bristol

Price: £2500 ono VAT Free
Photobooth for events
Complete and fully functional photobooth for sale – a business in itself ready for immediate usage.

Unlike most photobooths available, it is of a solid metal construction, making it extremely durable and suitable for unsupervised usage, and perfect for livelier events such as student parties, as well as weddings and other typical hires.

It has a classic look and unlike most photobooths it also has a light box which is very eye catching. This coupled with the fact it is metal constructed unit gives it a real quality photobooth look.

It flat packs for easy storage and flexibility in venue set-ups (stairs and doorways not a problem), and comes complete with a sturdy trolley on which the booth can be stored and moved as a complete unit.

More info.....

£2500 ono VAT Free

Photobooth for events
| Ref #: 3740fd1734a5

Sold Greek God Statue Props - Hertfordshire

Price: £150 VAT Free
Greek female statue
2 x Greek Statue Props - freestanding, used
  • Hermes – approx. just over 6ft tall
  • Aphrodite – approx. 6ft tall
Grey stone effect painted finish

Ideal for Greek themed events

Hermes hat and wings can be removed, so can also be used for other themes


£150 VAT Free

Greek female statue
| Ref #: 5a809c8f49fb
Excellent condition dark green Ex-Army marquee for sale. 18' x 20' (5.5m x 6m).

Purchased in 2010.

Kept dry indoors when not in use.

Used only twice, 2010 & 2012.

Excellent 'as new' canvas, rot proof and fire resistant.


£1000 VAT Free

ex army marquee
| Ref #: 87b6c7166621

Sold 7ft Resin Gold Angel Statue Prop - Surrey

Price: £350 VAT Free
Gold resin statue
Great for Heaven & Hell events, ancient greek, Roman ruins, VIP Areas, etc, etc...

Highly detailed and looks like a real gold statue!

Wings can be removed for transport / storage.

Original cost was £895. In perfect condition.

£350 VAT Free

Gold resin statue
| Ref #: 0abb6455c04a
A complete set of props that are perfect for any Beach Party or Hawaiian themed event.

Loads of items included in this sale - so a real bargain!

Included in this set;
  • 6 x large Beach signs (largest is approx 100cm x 40cm)
  • Printed 'Beach' signs - approx 10 included. Good for sticking on walls around venues.
  • 7 x Wood effect sheets - I was going to make some beach props with these. Will be included in the sale....
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£400 VAT Free

Beach signs
| Ref #: d6e812687661

Sold Greek Style Male Torso - Hertfordshire

Price: £50 £40 +VAT
Greek style headless male torso
Greek style male torso, headless

Reduced to £40 each - 2 available

£50 £40 +VAT

Greek style headless male torso
| Ref #: 12c553782abb

Sold Full Size Telephone Box - Lancashire

Price: £550 +VAT ono
Replica K6 telephone box
Full size replica of well known red K6 telephone box.

Height approx 2200mm width 750mm.

Ideal for business, nightclub or hotel, shop displays etc. In perfect condition.

£550 +VAT ono

Replica K6 telephone box
| Ref #: 286cfe38e4e7
  • White Mac, Trilby Hat and Pistol.
  • Approximate dimensions: - 75cms x 188cms
  • In very good condition

He will make a great addition to any themed party!

£325 +VAT

6ft Classic Hollywood Detective
| Ref #: 88943be4566a
Height: 30cm

Price £10 each

£10 +VAT

Laughing Buddhas Arms Up
| Ref #: 14cd937f3e8c

Sold 8x Blue Christmas Trees

Price: £25 including VAT
8 Used Blue Christmas Trees
  • 8 x 7 ft tall metal framed Christmas trees wrapped in Blue Tinsel
  • Silver bows to decorate
  • Approx 2 ft diameter at base
  • Frame - steel

£25 including VAT

8 Used Blue Christmas Trees
| Ref #: f0722e0a0770

Sold Alice In Wonderland Back Drop - Hertfordshire

Price: £1000 ono VAT Free
Alice In Wonderland Back Drop
Used once for a party
There are 14 panels in total making up the scenery, each panel is W-156cm x H241cm
There is also a 'This way' sign and a King & Queen display for photographs
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£1000 ono VAT Free

Alice In Wonderland Back Drop
| Ref #: 6f69ec7eb003
For Sale - 3 x Giant 9ft inflatable ghosts / spirits / ghouls, with built in fan units and all leads, rigging etc.
These looks absolutely fantastic and are in mint condition!
These giant ghost inflatables can be hung from roof areas, against walls or at the back of stages etc to create an amazing effect. They are very lightweight, so can be hung safely and easily.
They comes with a built in heavy duty fan units, which keeps them fully inflated. Simply plug into any standard 13amp plug socket and thats it.
Made from fire retardant, rip-stop material, these meet all health & safety / fire requirements and are built to last.
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£495 VAT Free

3X Giant 9Ft Inflatable Ghost / Spirit / Ghoul Hanging Decorations - Halloween Themed Event
| Ref #: 5752a49dca43A
A HUGE amount of tall sparkle vine twigs for use at events - perfect for Christmas season!
They are so versatile and can be used at almost any event to create a really big impact, yet with a quick, easy setup.
Vine twigs can be bent and twisted without causing any damage. This makes them perfect for creating all sorts of fantastic displays. They look great in an entrance way to create a fantastic first impression for guests at an event.
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£400 £295 VAT Free

Venue decor
| Ref #: bfdc668f14eb
The Statue of Liberty would brighten any display in your theme bar, diner, window display, crazy golf course, coffee shop or pub the list is endless.

Complete with glass lamp cover.

Approximate max dimensions: - 45cm x 43cm x 160cm

In perfect order

£125 +VAT

Statue of liberty prop
| Ref #: 8f480df52ede
This fantastic Scary Clown Wall Décor is in perfect order and stands at 5ft has bright coloured detail to make it stand out from the crowd.

This would make a fabulous centre piece, for advertising or drawing attention to your business.

It can be used in any themed area or in shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, adventure golf courses, zoos, theme-parks.

Approx max dimensions:- 51cms x 127cms x 150cms

Approx weight:- 21 kgs

£250 +VAT

Scary clown mask for sale
| Ref #: 0be680b9639f

Sold 10ft Arabian Arch Panels - Leicester

Price: £10 +VAT
Arabian arch panels
Perfect for feature walls for a themed parties

£10 +VAT

Arabian arch panels
| Ref #: 35424fbc2db5
These are hand painted UV reactive and inherently retardant backdrops and inflatables.
Great for themed parties and raves. These are the genuine article.
  • 2m X 2m UV reactive Escher backdrops
  • 1.5m X 2m UV reactive Manga girl
  • 3m X 75cm UV reactive sun backdrop
  • Set of 12 - 2.5m X 2.5m UV reactive space scene backdrop
There are loads more backdrops of various sizes and shapes.
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Escher Ripple UV Reactive Inflatables and Backdrops
| Ref #: c956cbf112f8

Sold Giant Teapot - Yorkshire

Price: £1000 +VAT
Alice in Wonderland tea pot
A giant fiberglass teapot with internal metal construction.
Was originally a bespoke build for a Heston project.
It takes up too much of our storage space, so we are looking to sell it.
The teapot currently has different decoration on it.
Could be used for Alice in wonderland or tea party.

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£1000 +VAT

Alice in Wonderland tea pot
| Ref #: 03837fe6b93c
Made modular for easy breakdown transport and storage.
Sliding acrylic name panels to front for easy name changes.
Each place has a slammer type button which illuminates the name and creates a sound effect although the system does require attention. This may just possibly be the requirement for new batteries and some basic wiring repair as it worked perfectly on the last event we staged, it has just been in storage for 18 months.
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£200 VAT Free

University Challenge Quiz Desk with Lights and Buzzer Effects
| Ref #: 581397815bf7
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