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Unique chance to get bespoke Manchester wood tables and stools
Sheffield Steel, Hand polished and burn wax

£1500 +VAT

| Quantity: 10
Natural gas version

Capacity 149Ltr
Dimensions 1085(H) x 900(W) x 812(D)mm
Dimensions - internal 385(H) x 665(W) x 590(D)mm
Material Stainless steel
Power Type 51kW, 174,300Btu/hr

£600 +VAT

1 year brand new Pasta Counter cooking station which includes:
  • 2x Pasta cooker
  • 2x Induction hob
  • 4x Freezer drawer
  • 5x 1/6 Bain marie spot drop in well
  • 4x 1/6 Refrigerated spot drop in well
Basically all you need in the Italian restaurant kitchen, all in one counter
We never used it - New from manufacturer is 17000 + vat

£7000 +VAT

HFA Removals
HFA Removals
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