Sold Christmas Decorations 21x Garlands and 17x Wreaths And Much More - West Yorkshire


A huge collection of ex shopping center Christmas decorations. Can be bought in sets, colour coordinated, or an offer can be made for each individual item. Will accept £2,000 for everything, total marked price is £4,880. Retail price brand new was over £20,000

6 wreaths, in Gold, red, bronze and lime, 2 meters in diameter, very luxurious. (£250 each)
2 Gold, red, bronze wreaths, 2 meters in diameter, with an extra 1 meter wreath that hangs underneath it. Gorgeous wreath, my favourite. (£250 each)
2 Garlands in lime and bronze, 1 meter long, on a metal pole with eyelets for hanging. (£50)
1 garland, 4 meters long, decorated in lime and orange. (£150)
12 garlands, 2.5 - 3 meters long, decorated in lime and orange, on metal poles with eyelets for hanging. (£100 each)
2 garlands, 1 meter long, decorated in lime and orange, on metal poles with eyelets for hanging.(£50 each)
5 wreaths, with a diameter of 1.5 meters, with a bronze polystyrene dome in the middle (£100 each) Plus 2 extra domes
4 wreaths, double sided and thick, in lime and orange, 2 meters in diameter, with gold leaves, artificial fruit and orange gift boxes. (£200 each)
3 lime and gold wall hangings, 1.5 meters in height. (£60)
7 garlands in red and gold, on red metal poles for hanging. (£50)
4 very large gold baubles (£20)

Each wreath or garland can be used as they are decorated, or they can be stripped down and redone in new baubles and colours. The lights on each item can not be guaranteed, they have electrical fittings but have not been tested, so sold as seen.
Some of the orange gift boxes are damaged, but can be removed or covered. Each wreath has a substantial metal frame within it, and steel wire to hang.

They have been in storage for a long time so they are a little tired, but can soon be brought back to life.

Delivery notes

Pick up only. Items are very large and heavy. Pick up from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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