Sold Giant Illuminated 8ft Love Heart - Chesterfield, Derbyshire


For sale is our 8ft Illuminated Love heart, due to we are cutting back our wedding props.

It spilts into 3 parts and the middle part slots into the two sides and you can bolt it from the back and link the two wires clip together so you only have to use one plug for the heart.

It takes around 10 mins to put together with 2 people, if you need any more information please do ask.

We also can give you pictures for you to use so you can sell this for advertising. We hired the heart out at £300 and did discounted packages for £250 if booked with anything else.

Delivery notes

Very good can be repainted if get marked but we make sure we do this every time it comes back to the unit.

This item is now sold

Price: Sold