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36x 6ft Benches.
All solid wood with folding metal legs.
All very strong and suitable for outside.
Classic German Oktoberfest beer benches.

These folding benches are perfect for any event expecting a large number of guests as they are a very cost effective way of seating 180 guests. They also are the best in terms of floor space taking up less room per person than chairs, so if you want to maximise floor space, German Oktoberfest benches are a great way of doing this.

These benches also feature folding legs so they can be folded when not in use and are easy to transport.

If you go to Munich for the Volksfest you will see 1000's of these, specific biergarten tables are used inside the Oktoberfest tents. These benches are paired with tables which have narrow table tops. This is most likely in an effort to fit as many tables as possible inside the tent. As well, the benches at Oktoberfest are usually placed right next to the bench of the adjacent table and you need to stand on the benches to get in and out. Later in the evening, everyone in the tent is encouraged to stand on their benches to sing and dance. Surprisingly, despite their small size, these benches can easily support five grown men.

Buyer collects whole lot, will not split. Price £400 the lot. Or £2.25 per gest!

The last three photos are for an illustration of how these benches are used.

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