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Sold Art Deco Event Props Mirrors - DJ Desk - Tables - VIP Carpet - Wiltshire


Fabulous props for wedding, party or DJ set. Hopeless pictures!

We have the following info

8 Tall Art Deco style mirror - painted mdf.

4 very tall, heavy standees to create an entrance (I was going to have vinyl stickers with 'To death do us party' for our wedding, but ran out of time)

1 Art Deco style DJ desk front

Couple of Art Deco style drinks tables.

Instant theming for a party. We used these in a dance tent, for an electro swing party. The mirrors created added depth with lots of jazzy reflection, which saved a fortune on additional lighting. The DJ desk was the icing on the cake

1 long roll of VIP entrance carpet

Huge printed backdrop

Will all benefit from a wipe down and may or may not need small touch ups of black paint. I know that one of the hinges on one of the standees needs rescrewing in. All if the bases can be flat packed. There are mildew marks own the ply inserts of the small round tables, which should just bleach out. The actual wood and top are lovely, just been stored in a stable block.

Additionally, there are some small deco style sofas.I think one or 2 have some damage to the fabric arms but I actually cannot remember as we had different coloured covers on them. These are there if you want them,

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