Sold Giant Teapot - Yorkshire


A giant fiberglass teapot with internal metal construction. Was originally a bespoke build for a Heston project. It takes up too much of our storage space, so we are looking to sell it. The teapot currently has different decoration on it.

4400 mm long from end of spout to end of handle
2440mm diameter
2700m floor to top of lid.

The approx weight is 100-110kg.

Could be used for Alice in wonderland or tea party.

We don't actually recommend you climb inside this teapot!

Delivery notes

his item is currently located in Wetherby. If necessary we can look to help with the delivery of this product, providing you can be flexible with the delivery dates and times...

I believe this can be broken down and transported on a large 7.5 tonne vehicle, on as a whole unit on an arctic.

This item is now sold

Price: Sold