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Sold 8x Silhouette Boards c/w 100's + Graphics - Cheshire


8 X Silhouette boards measuring 8’ high by 4’ wide.
Aluminium frame with opaque acrylic panel which can be removed/replaced.
Customised graphics are easily inserted at one end.
Illuminate from behind using a lighting fixture of your choice.
Sold with all the graphics listed in the attached document

Qty Description
1 London Double Decker Bus
1 London Eye
1 Big Ben
1 Royal Mail Post Box
1 London Taxi
1 Telephone K6 Box
10 Snow Flakes
6 Palm Tree
3 Branch/Twigs
1 Devil Forks
4 Window Frame Grid
1 African Women
1 Spanish Women Dancing
2 Spanish Man/Women Dancing
4 Spanish Women
1 Man/Women Dancing
1 Women Dancing
1 Man/Women Dancing (70’s)
4 Man with Microphone
2 Women in Fishnets
1 Man with Gun
1 Women in Stilettoes
1 Tina Turner
2 Madonna
4 Saturday Night Fever
1 Bee Gees
2 Freddie Mercury
1 Girls Face
1 Boy George
1 Al Jackson
2 Frank Sinatra

5 Union Jack (Red/Blue)
1 New York Taxi (Yellow)
2 Film Reel (Blue)
1 PAC Man
1 Rubik’s Cube
1 Michael Jackson
4 Clouds (Light Blue)
1 Swirls (Light Blue)
3 Flames (Orange)
1 Devil (Orange/Red)
10 Venetian Mask (Orange)
3 Queens head (Purple)
3 Coat of Arms (Purple)
2 Coat of Arms (Colour)

Cluedo Characters
Mrs Peacock
Prof Plum
Colonel Mustard
Miss Scarlett
Mrs White

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Delivery notes

Collection from South Cheshire or we can quote for delivery

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Price: Sold