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Starship Themed X-582 Single Bed Prop (with mattress) Full Sound Effects + Lights - Wiltshire


Starship X-582 is a prop of a Starfighter, in the shape of a a child's single bed. It was built as a window display prop for a bed store, but never got used, so it does not come with a warranty or anything. It is a standard single bed (comes with a brand new mattress, which is still in its wrapping). Mainly painted MDF, with 3d printed parts all over it. Most of the electronics are Arduino based (if that means anything to you). It is made as safe as I could make it, with no obvious places to hurt yourself. It is no more dangerous than a set of bunk beds. It was never designed to have anyone actually sleep in it. It was a prop, but it is a totally useable bed. There are assembly and usage instructions with photographs, and it's quite complicated. You ideally need to be handy to assemble it. Now this thing needs some space. It should fit in most rooms height wise at approximately 2350mm high. The whole thing is around 2400mm (2.4m) wide and 2800mm front to back (2.8m). So it's BIG, but impressive. It needs a double socket, and this powers all the special effects, such as sound, music and lights.

A few videos below. It has been improved since these videos (black covers now built over the side pod guns etc).

Click to see 2nd video

The ship has full sound effects (over 200 of them). Multiple function switches with female voice confirmation. The Navigation console lowers/raises by electric actuator. It has a finger trap sensor in the hinge and inside (if it is stopped while lowering, it reverses). LEDs everywhere! Navigation lights, thrusters, cockpit, engines etc There is a madly complicated self destruct system, taken directly from the movie Alien (Sorry Ridley Scott). There is a sub-woofer speaker under the ship, along with speakers in each side pod engine and on both wings. There is even an Android Bluetooth App on the supplied disc to let you control it from your phone! (Sorry - not for iphone) The power supply has a key, so you can turn it off when you are sick of the noise. There is also a demonstration switch. This just runs through a whole load of the ships functions in a loop. Now this was a prop, however, as far as I am aware... everything works. You can actually pretend to fly this thing and even shoot enemy craft on the VERY basic screen. It’s not an Xbox360! Don't expect an arcade style simulator. If you are handy with Arduino programming, then there is a disc with the code on it for the cockpit processor (Mega3560p), Navigation processor (Mega3560p) and the Power supply processor (Pro Mini). There is also a backup of the 3x SD card files if they are ever needed. It contain the sound effects etc. It is in a lot of pieces in my garage, all wrapped up in bubble wrap. This is not a small bed. It WILL get broken, I am sure of it. So I suggest it goes to a home where someone is handy enough to fix it (or you are not worried). It's all pretty clean, but the white paintwork has got a little bit grubby in places (mainly the wings). You could wash it or repaint it, but personally I think it looks better as it is, and it is certainly not 'dirty'. But, I will throw in the remaining white paint anyway. It's just white Dulux.

Can't fit all the details in here, as this thing does a mad amount of stuff. I suggest watching the Youtube links.

Delivery notes

Based in Wiltshire (Calne) SN11 8HN
Buyer to collect, but this will need a few hours assembly and a Transit sized van.
Willing to hire a van and deliver (and help assemble), depending on the final sale amount.

Contact notes

Steve Croot

Price: £5000 £2000 VAT Free
Ref#: 37FDB19BB291

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