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Sold Alice Through the Looking-Glass Props and Costumes


It features costumes and props that are in good condition.

- Alice costume
- Red Queen costume (without crown) with red gloves
- White Knight costume with 'horse' headgear & sword
- White Queen costume (without crown) with handbag and knitting needles and several coloured balls of wool
- Humpty Dumpty Costume with nice striped waistcoat, jacket (X-large) and trousers (waist about 50 inches) , leg measurement 25 inches. - White King costume, (without crown). long white tunic, and shiny white coat to go over it
- Garden of Live Flowers costume (to fit a child)
- a fur stole
- a tartan waistcoat
- several pairs of short grey trousers worn by the children
- blue and red striped socks
- a pair of smallish yellow wellington boots
- white queen night-cap
- girl's ballet tutu
- white king night
- dress and trousers
- some pieces of white cloth
- another white pair of pyjama trousers
- cream coloured pyjama top

Props include:
- Mad Hatter's Hat
- Christmas pudding
- Butterfly (that was put on the wall of the set)
- Wooden Chess pieces
- a small white unicorn in wool and cotton (to be worn round the neck)
- a similar golden lion's head in wool and cotton
- a Golden lion's mask
- Box camera
- Magnifying glass
- Walrus and Carpenter dolls
- Tweedledum cap
- Tweedledum clock
- Red Knight red shin pads
- Swords
- Straw boater hat
- a white woollen rug for the Sheep scene

Delivery notes

Collection preferred but can negotiate this with interested parties.
Collection location : Chiswick, London W4 5AL.

This item is now sold

Price: Sold