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I looked at hiring these for 3 events back in December but when prices were through the roof - some £600 for just the Gateway sign for 3 events, and i eventually found out i had to drive some 260 miles each way to dry hire - i decided to made my own!
The events went fabulously and i no longer have a need for them plus i need my storage space back.

1x 8ft 'Welcome to the Circus' gateway.
This stands tall at 8 ft with a hanging 2ft x 2ft board that is lit with LEDs. Held together with 4 bolts with wing nuts and painted. Would make a good Circus Prop or repainted in White or Cream could be used as a 'Welcome to the Wedding of....' or a corporate welcome sign (remove the lions head obviously).
Breaks into 4 parts.

2x Circus Style Mirrors - 5ft x 2ft
Two different designs and were used either side of a Magic Mirror Photo Booth to create a 'trio of mirrors' for these Circus themed events.
Both have blue LEDs top and bottom with USB plugs on the back which i powered from 2x 18000 mAh power banks which ran the mirrors for 12 hours and still had just under half charge.
Painted in Blue and Red to match the Gateway sign.

Custom mixed paint that is left (half a tub of each) will be given to you for touch ups should you want it.

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Collection from Tongham, nr Guildford, Surrey, GU10

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