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The page you are looking for no longer exists.

Please look at some similar items.

Hand painted wood/mdf
£295 ex vat with detachable carrot nose!

£295 £195 +VAT

We have a stunning range of colourful cushions and seat pads for sale. Perfect for Moroccan/ Arabian style events as soft furnishings. Open to selling as a single job lot or in batches/groups.

£4 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 200
Edwardian/ Victorian shop front set
with removable sign if need to change
420cmL x 100cmD x 300cmH
Brand new build
Complete with door and outside shelving section.

£1200 +VAT

£1800 inc. VAT

2 complete stands gold sealed glitter MDF
Come in 4 sections each
We made a gold top and added plastic bubbles but not available now.
Good condition - used

£250 £150 VAT Free

| Quantity: 2
Table legs for bespoke tables
Hardly used – almost new
Painted white
Size – 730mm
Brand new price - £50 each
Used price - £2.00 each

£25 £5 +VAT each

| Quantity: 40
Gorgeous wedding decor centrepieces
10 available, chrome plated

£250 VAT Free

| Quantity: 10

£30 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Stunning bespoke wooden African 'Buffalo' themed bar
Complete with a tree trunk topped carved bar counter, back bar, bar canopy and accompanying decor
Ideal for building ambience either at home, in a canopied garden, in your cafe or bar or as an events feature bar
With a rectangular footprint, there is a L shaped bar and L shaped back bar / prep area with cupboards
Featuring Rhinos, Elephants, Hippos and Buffalo detailing. Horns, tusks and antler decoration further set the tone
The accompanying chairs are uniquely formed around various antlers.
Just add sound system, drinks and guests!

£4000 VAT Free

£3.50 inc. VAT ono each

| Quantity: 223

£80 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4

£450 VAT Free

This is a custom designed Bedouin style tent. The frame has been made using natural Larch trunks that have been stripped and sanded along with 18mm structural plywood.
Internally there are 5 bays measuring 2 meters by 1.6 meters with a 1 meters corridor that runs along the front of the tent. The entrance is 3 meters wide in the centre of the tent. The total floor area for the tent is 10 meters by 2.6 meters. The canvas and guide rope floor area is 15 meters by 7 meters.

£7700 £5500 VAT Free

£130 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 26
Hi Ben, Just wanted to let you know that the mushroom in my listing has happily sold. Many thanks Deborah


Used for high-impact ceiling décor at wedding venues (usually adorned with flowers).
6x Kite form (1050mm x 420mm)
3x Hexagon form (650mm x 550mm)

£50 £40 +VAT each

| Quantity: 9
x2 Tall Cylinder Vases - H:60cm x D:13cm
x2 Tall Cylinder Vases - H:60cm x D:10cm
x1 Square Vase - H:25cm x W:8cm
x2 Small Fish Bowl - H:16cm x D:12cm
x1 Small Fish Bowl - H:16cm x D:8cm
x1 Large Round Bowl - H:8cm D:24cm

£60 +VAT

| Quantity: 9

From £10 +VAT each

| Quantity: 211

£100 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3

£750 inc. VAT

| Quantity: 40
Excellent condition only used once for display, these were imported from India and are of high quality

£100 £50 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
5 x 70cm Diameter - Cool White LED’s @ £180 each
7 x 80cm Diameter – Warm White LED’s @ £360 each
5 x 80cm Diameter – Cool White LED’s @ £360 each
6 x 90cm Diameter – Warm White LED’s @ £500 each
3 x 90cm Diameter – Cool White LED’s @ £500 each
Prices include VAT and UK delivery

From £180 inc. VAT each

| Quantity: 26

£600 inc. VAT ono

Mermaid on Rock For Sale

£450 +VAT

Life Size Panda For Sale

£350 +VAT

Approx 3.3m wide
Used once

£550 +VAT

4ft Tusk table centres for sale in gold

They will require bases to be made for them

Great for Bollywood and Arabian Props or Table centres

£40 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4

£650 £575 VAT Free

| Quantity: 2

£250 £225 Per full picture

£600 £495 VAT Free

Commercial Garland Swag Motif Christmas Light.
240V Green Garland with cold white pea lights on an aluminium frame.
10 Available £40 each ono.
L:1.7m W:2.5m

£40 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 10

£90 £81 +VAT each

| Quantity: 16
Royal Peep Through For Sale

£130 +VAT

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